​WAPA may impose penalties if a customer fails to submit an acceptable plan, or if customer actions are inconsistent with their submitted plan. Upon receiving a written penalty notice from WAPA, the customer has 30 days to provide evidence of good faith to comply.


  • 10 percent surcharge on monthly invoice until deficiencies are remedied, or 12 months are passed
  • No immediate surcharge if the customer files an appeal.
  • 20 percent surcharge for next 12 months
  • 30 percent surcharge thereafter
  • After first 12 months, WAPA may reduce power delivery by 10 percent

When deficiencies are resolved, WAPA will cease penalties at the beginning of next full billing period

  • Penalties for MBAs and Cooperatives
  • If only one member is incompliant, penalties will be imposed on a pro rata basis

WAPA will make every effort to assist customers in complying with IRP requirements


  • Customer may submit an appeal to WAPA in writing at any time
  • Regional manager will respond within 45 days
  • Customer may appeal to Administrator if not satisfied at regional level
  • WAPA Administrator will respond within 30 days
  • WAPA may use alternative dispute resolution
  • No penalties will be imposed during the appeal process

Training table of contents

Overview Rules for submitting an IRP Periodic customer review
Selecting the right report for your utility IRP and alternative plan checklists Reporting deadlines
Approval Criteria Annual updates Penalties for non-compliance

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Last modified on May 1st, 2024