Environmental Review – National Environment Policy Act (NEPA)

Categorical exclusions (CX) are posted to provide transparency. Some actions may have environmental impacts that require an environmental assessment (EA) and a detailed analysis to determine the extent and severity of the impacts. For actions that have significant impacts or consequences to the environment or human health, environmental impact statements (EIS) are prepared.​

Draft Programmatic Agreement for Maintenance of existing WAPA facilities​​


Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

  • DOE/EIS-0483 Estes-Flatiron Transmission Line Rebuild, Larimer County, CO
  • DOE/EIS-0400​ Granby Pumping Plant-Windy Gap Transmission Line Rebuild, Grand County, CO
  • DOE/EIS-0438 Hermosa West Wind Energy, Albany County WY
  • DOE/EIS-0442 Maintenance and Veg Management along Existing Western Transmission Line ROW on National Forest System Lands in CO, UT, and NE​
  • DOE/EIS-0295 Platte River Cooperative Agreement PEIS, NE, CO and WY (Cooperating Agency)
  • DOE/EIS-0450 TransWest Express Transmission, WY, UT, and NV
  • DOE/EIS 0370 Windy Gap Firming, Grand County, CO

Environmental Assessments (EA) and Findings of no Significant Impact (FONSI)

  • DOE/EA-2187 Hoyt Solar – 80 MW Solar, Morgan County, CO
  • DOE/EA-2254 Janus Solar – 80 MW Solar and 20 MW BESS, Weld County, Colorado
  • DOE/EA-2178 Weld Solar, Weld County, CO​
  • DOE/EA-2139 Pronghorn Flats 115-kilovolt EA and FONSI, Kimball and Banner Counties, NE and Goshen County, WY​​
  • DOE/EA-2149 Dave Johnston Tap to Sidney Substation Transmission LIne Reconductor EA and FONSI, WY and NE ​
  • DOE/EA-2018 Front Range-Midway Solar Interconnection EA and FONSI – El Paso County, CO ​
  • DOE/EA-1090 South​ Tabl​e Wind EA and FONSI, Kimble County, NE​
  • DOE/EA-1884 Wray Wind Eneergy EA and FONSI, Yuma County, CO
  • DOE/EA-1938 Buffalo Head Switching Station EA and FONSI, Natrona County, WY
  • DOE/EA-1812 ​ NECO Wind Energy (formerly Haxtun Wind) EA Supplemental Analysis and FONSI, Logan and Philips Counties, CO ​
  • DOE/EA-1611 and DOE/EA-1611-S1 Colorado Highlands Wind EAs and FONSIs, Fleming, CO

Categorical Exclusions (CX)

2024 / 20​23​ / 2​0​​22 / 2021​ / 2020​ / 2019​ / 2018​ / 2017​ / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 ​ / 2011​ *projects are filed by the year they are issued

Last modified on April 30th, 2024