All WAPA customers must submit an integrated resource plan (IRP) or a qualifying alternative plan to WAPA every five years. During the five-year period, WAPA also requires customers to submit an annual update tracking the plan progress, due on the anniversary of the IRP.

WAPA developed the following checklists to assist with the review and approval of plans and reports. Each checklist covers the complete requirements for the relevant plan:

  • IRP checklist
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy checklist—For state, tribal or Federal end-use customers who must file state, tribal or Federal mandated EE/RE reports.
  • Minimum investment report checklist—For customers required under state, tribal or Federal regulation to make a mandated minimum financial/resource investment in DSM or renewable energy programs or initiatives (i.e. California’s 2.85% investment requirement).
  • Small customer plan checklist—For customers with total annual sales or use of 25 gigawatt hours or less, averaged over the previous five years, if they do not belong to a joint action agency or generation and transmission cooperative with power supply responsibility, and that WAPA finds has limited economic, managerial and resource capability to conduct integrated resource planning.

If you have questions about which plan you should use, or want to learn more about IRP requirements, see Review and assistance.

Training table of contents

Overview Rules for submitting an IRP Periodic customer review
Selecting the right report for your utility IRP and alternative plan checklists Reporting deadlines
Approval Criteria Annual updates Penalties for non-compliance

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Last modified on May 1st, 2024