Portrait of Administrator Tracey LeBeau
​Administrator and CEO
Tracey A. LeBeau

WAPA is excited to announce the publication of its new strategic plan, Power Forward 2030​, ​which sets the organizational strategic direction to a clean energy future.

The heart of this strategic plan is to safeguard WAPA’s current and future value as a critical source of clean energy and grid stabilization, a strategic partner and co-creator of solutions, and an employer of a dedicated and talented workforce. The plan reflects the care and commitment to our mission, core values, and those we serve.

In following our core value to seek, share and partner, WAPA sought feedback from employees, customers, and stakeholders throughout the formulati​on process. As a result, Power Forward 2030​, is a culmination of extensive engagement which informed senior leadership team strategic discussions and decision-making.

Safely providing reliable, cost-based hydropower and transmission to our customers and the communities we serve is WAPA’s core mission. Together we power a bright future.

Thank you for your engagement and input. Let’s power forward together and reach our strategic destination of a resilient, clean energy future.​

WAPA 2023-2030 Strategic Plan
WAPA's Power Forward 2030 strategic goals and objectives


Safely provide reliable, cost-based hydropower and transmission to our customers and the communities we serve.


Empowering communities, securing a resilient energy future.


Affordable, low-cost hydropower
Reliable energy delivery​
Industry expertise​

Trusted partner-bridge builder


Rewarding work
Professional growth
Supportive culture and community


Listen to understand, speak with purpose.

Seek. Share. Partner.

Respect self, others and the environment.

Do what is right. Do what is safe.

Be curious, learn more, do better. Repeat.       ​​​​​​​

Serve like your lights depend on it.​


For questions or additional information, please contact:

Chief Strategy Officer Kerry Whitford

Stakeholder Engagement Stacey Decker


WAPA published the Strategic Roadmap 2024​, titled “Powering the Energy Frontier,” January 2019. The Roadmap was initially published in May 2014.​​

Last modified on April 26th, 2024