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Environmental review—NEPA

​Categorical exclusions are posted here to promote transparency and openness. Some actions may have environmental impacts that require an environmental assessment and a detailed analysis to determine the extent and severity of the impacts. For actions that have significant impacts or consequences to the environment or human health, CRSP prepares environmental impact statements (EIS).

Categorical exclusions

  • SLCA/IP Rate Determination -WAPA-190 - (CX Determination 2021-2025)

  • Provo River Project Rate Determination - (CX Determination 2021-2025)

  • Falcon-Amistad Projects Rate Extension - (CX Determination 2019-2024)

  • Letter of Agreement WAPA - JMEC - May, 2017

  • SLIP 2025 Power Marketing Plan (CX final 10-13-16)

  • CRSP Rate Order No. WAPA-169

  • Provo River Project Rate Order No. WAPA-149

  • Installation of Metering and a Circuit Breaker at Powell 69-kV Substation

  • Purchase of Enserco Wind Power - April, 2011 

  • Other Environmental Studies

  • FONSI for Olmsted Power Marketing (FONSI_01-15-17)

  • Ex Post Fact Sheet 1-18-11

  • Post-ROD Final Report

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