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2023-24 ​Estimated WRP Energy Prices​ ​

Average monthly price: $/MWh​ ​On-peak ​Off-peak
September 177 88
October 65 58
November 88 61
December​ 95 82
January ​74 87​
​February 72 75
​Updated 7/31​/2023

Factors that affect prices

  • Unstable markets, generating unit outages, and severe regional hot or cold weather patterns impact short term prices.
  • WRP purchase philosophy:
  • Hydro generation surpluses will be placed into the WRP program when possible.
  • When necessary, energy will be purchased in weekly and/or monthly blocks when the market indicates a shortage or pricing becomes erratic.

SLCAIP Net Purchase Power Forecast Table​​​​​​​​

Individual monthly allocations by customer

Historical data

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Last modified on November 20th, 2023