Quickly access topics of public interest and latest developments in the rapidly changing utility industry that affect multiple aspects of WAPA’s mission or services.

10-Year Capital Planning

One of the most critical opportunities facing WAPA is the ability to clearly articulate investment needs and acquire adequate funding to maintain reliability and also affordable services. To meet these needs, WAPA reformulated its capital planning and budget development processes to incorporate asset management data, develop a 10-Year Capital Plan for WAPA’s Headquarters office, and improve regional 10-year capital plans. Learn more about 10-Year Capital Planning.

Drought in the West

Several large WAPA projects have experienced severe and enduring drought since 2000. WAPA’s regions are working with customers and the generating agencies to alleviate the impact of drought and preserve the value of federal hydropower. Learn more about Drought in the West.

Energy Imbalance Markets/Services

WAPA is committed to continuing market-related conversations with customers. Exploring market options ensures WAPA continues to reliably deliver hydropower to its diverse customer base and seek solutions that help us adapt to​ the changes in the energy landscape. Learn more about Energy Imbalance Markets/Services.

Feasibility Assessment

Delivering power in a reliable, resilient, and secure manner requires WAPA to maintain robust transmission system communications. During the past 20 years, WAPA has installed approximately 5,000 miles of overhead fiber optic ground wire (OPGW) on its transmission system. Learn more about Feasibility Assessment.


WAPA continues to explore market options to ensure reliable delivery of hydropower to a diverse customer base. Markets offer one solution as we adapt to a changing energy landscape. Conversations with customers continue on market options. Learn more about WAPA and markets.

Purchase Power and Wheeling

PPW is a reimbursable legacy funding tool, used during times of extreme conditions, to purchase electricity on the market in order to fulfill contractual obligations when generation output is insufficient. These FAQ are related to the proposed funding for WAPA Purchase Power & Wheeling included in the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act of 2020.​ Learn more about Purchase Power and Wheeling program​


WAPA proactively addresses system reliability and contingency planning. Delivering on our mission of marketing federal hydropower throughout 15 states requires us to continually study and analyze operations. We partner with our customers and neighboring utilities with the goal of improving situational awareness and contingency planning for transmission providers and reliability coordinators so they are prepared for a worst-case scenario in real-time conditions. Learn more about WAPA’s reliability assurance efforts.

Last modified on November 1st, 2023