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Western Area Power Administration sells power to more than 684 firm and non-firm wholesale power customers, including cities and towns, rural electric cooperatives, public utility and irrigation districts.

WAPA's customers are represented by its four regional offices and Management Center that include Colorado River Storage Project Management Center, Desert Southwest Region, Rocky Mountain Region, Sierra Nevada Region and Upper Great Plains Region.

WAPA is a wholesale power provider. Our customers provide retail electric service to millions of consumers in 15 western and central states. However, we do have a number of end-use customers, including federal and state agencies, tribes and irrigation districts that do not resell power from WAPA to residential or commercial consumers but use it for their own facilities. Overall, the vast majority of WAPA's customers/customer members serve consumers over their electrical distribution systems.

Creditworthiness procedures

Creditworthiness procedures (PDF) reduce financial exposure for our customers and protect WAPA's ability to continue operations in the case of a customer default.

Creditworthiness procedures are an industry standard/best practice. Each of the organized markets surrounding WAPA have creditworthiness requirements incorporated into their tariffs.

The procedure outlines the process for actively monitoring the low risk of a customer defaulting on a bill, and how to mitigate the risk of placing an additional financial burden on remaining project customers.        ​

Long-term firm power requirements​

Long-term firm customers must have preference status, be within the project marketing area, have utility status (except for Native American tribes), be ready and able to deliver power to their loads and must complete an electric service contract with WAPA.

Various laws, including the Reclamation Project Act of 1939, require WAPA to give preference to certain types of nonprofit organizations seeking to purchase Federal power. Those entitled to preference include cities and towns, state and federal agencies, irrigation districts, public utility districts and rural electric cooperatives. WAPA also developed a policy to give preference to Native American tribes regardless of whether they have utility status.

Purchasing only transmission

When WAPA has excess transmission available to market, it is listed on an Open Access Same-time Information System, or OASIS site. Available transmission capacity on WAPA’s lines can be purchased by those who seek to deliver energy across WAPA's system. WAPA also may use existing transmission contracts or OASIS sites to purchase transmission to deliver energy to our customers.

Customer List​

To use the sortable list: Hover over the column heading and use the dropdown arrow selections to sort or filter by customer type, state, regional office and/or project.

*Northern California Power AgencyPublic Utility DistrictCASNCVP
*Power and Water Resources Pooling AuthorityIrrigation DistrictsCASNCVP
Aberdeen, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Acoma PuebloNative American TribesNMCRSPSLIP
Ada, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Adrian, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Agralite Electric CooperativeCooperativesMNUGPPS
Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla IndiansNative American TribesCADSWPD
Aguila Irrigation DistrictIrrigation DistrictsAZDSWCAP
AK-Chin Indian CommunityNative American TribesAZCRSPSLIP
Akron, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Alameda Municipal Power Power MarketersCASNCVP
Alamo Navajo ChapterNative American TribesNMCRSPSLIP
Albuquerque Operation-DOEFederal AgenciesNMCRSPSLIP
Alexandria, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Alliant Energy Services, Inc.Investor-owned UtilitiesWIUGPPS
Alta, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Alton, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
American Electric Power Service CorporationPower MarketersOHUGPPS
Anaheim, City ofMunicipalitiesCADSWBC
Anita, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Ansley, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Anthon, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Arapahoe and Roosevelt National ForestsFederal AgenciesCORMLAP
Arizona Electric Power CooperativeCooperativesAZCRSP/DSWSLIP/PD
Arizona Power AuthorityState AgenciesAZDSWBC
Arizona Public Service CompanyInvestor-owned UtilitiesAZDSWCAP
Arkansas River Power AuthorityMunicipalitiesCORM/CRSPLAP/SLIP
Arlington, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Arnold, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Arvin-Edison Water Storage District Irrigation DistrictsCASNCVP
Aspen, City ofMunicipalitiesCOCRSPSLIP
Atlantic, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Auburn , City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Auburn, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Aurelia, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Aurora, Town ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Aztec, City ofMunicipalitiesNMCRSPSLIP
Azusa, City ofMunicipalitiesCADSWBC
Badger, Town ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Banning, City ofMunicipalitiesCADSWBC
Banta-Carbona Irrigation DistrictIrrigation DistrictsCASNCVP
Barnesville, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Basin Electric Power CooperativeCooperativesNDUGP/RM/CRSPPS/LAP/SLIP
Bay Area Rapid Transit DistrictPublic Utility DistrictCASNCVP
Beatrice State Development CenterState AgenciesNEUGPPS
Beatrice, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Beaver City, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Belcourt & Ft. Totten-BIANative American TribesNDUGPPS
Benson, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
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