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Small business procurement exceeds expectations

This summer, WAPA’s Small Business Program Manager Byron McCollum was honored by receiving the fiscal year 2022 Department of Energy Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Director’s Award. This recognition, presented at DOE’s Small Business Forum & Expo in New Orleans in July 2023, highlights McCollum’s exceptional contributions to advancing the cause of small and disadvantaged businesses in the energy sector.

“Byron’s efforts managing WAPA’s Small Business Program has enabled WAPA to offer as many procurement opportunities as possible to small and small disadvantaged businesses over the last eight years, serving in this capacity,” noted Procurement Policy Manager Todd Tetrault.

McCollum’s achievement is underscored by his pivotal role in enabling WAPA to not only meet but exceed its small business goals. Through his meticulous review and concurrence on procurement requirements, he ensures the procurement process aligns seamlessly with the mission to support small businesses. Thanks to his efforts, 90% of eligible SB dollars were awarded to small businesses, surpassing WAPA’s goal by 20%.

Furthermore, his commitment to fostering small, disadvantaged businesses has yielded exceptional results. He facilitated the allocation of 59% of eligible SB dollars to SDBs, a remarkable 44% above WAPA’s set goals. This achievement reflects not only McCollum’s dedication to promoting inclusivity but also his ability to translate strategy into impactful results.

Beyond his responsibilities at WAPA, McCollum has extended his influence as an active member of DOE’s Acquisition Forecast Improvement Workgroup. In this capacity, he played a vital role in identifying incremental enhancements to forecast DOE’s procurements, particularly those geared towards SBs and SDBs. His contributions to these groups have paved the way for more streamlined and efficient procurement processes, benefiting not only WAPA but the entire DOE network.

The DOE OSDBU Directors Award is presented to Small Business Manager Byron McCollum (center) in New Orleans in July 2023
The DOE OSDBU Directors Award is presented to Small Business Manager Byron McCollum (center) in New Orleans in July 2023

McCollum’s receipt of the DOE OSDBU Director’s Award serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the growth and empowerment of small businesses in the energy sector.

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