Secretary of Energy Excellence Award presented to Scott R. Lund

Portrait of Scott Lund
Portrait of Strategic Utility Restructuring Advisor for the Desert Southwest region, Scott Lund

In February 2024, Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm presented Western Area Power Administration’s Scott Lund with the DOE Secretary of Energy Excellence Award. This prestigious award ranks among the highest forms of recognition within DOE and is awarded annually to individuals demonstrating exceptional leadership and public service. 

Lund is the Strategic Utility Restructuring Advisor for the Desert Southwest region, and he was honored for his leadership in facilitating transmission for the Sun Zia Wind project, which will bring more renewable energy online and potentially lower costs for ratepayers in DSW when completed in 2026. In building out WAPA’s transmission infrastructure, he’s tackling one of the biggest challenges to our clean energy future. 

Lund’s work has contributed to expanding transmission infrastructure in the West, leading to approximately 300 megawatts of additional transmission capacity and generating substantial revenues. This achievement is crucial in moderating costs amidst ongoing challenges such as the drought in the Colorado River Basin. 

WAPA’s Administrator and Chief Executive Officer Tracey A. LeBeau noted, “Lund has consistently demonstrated knowledge and technical expertise as an Industry Restructuring Advisor for the DSW region, which has helped gain immense trust and credibility with customers and peers.” 

LeBeau also acknowledged how his knowledge and skills, combined with his ability to develop innovative approaches, have made him a key contributor to the success of numerous WAPA and DSW initiatives.  

His efforts in integrating renewable energy resources into the DSW region exemplify the spirit of this award. His unwavering dedication and innovative contributions to WAPA have advanced our mission and played a pivotal role in the success of the Sun Zia Transmission project. 

“Your perseverance and work ethic are held in high regard and have earned the respect of your peers and senior management,” said Senior Vice President and DSW Regional Manager Jack Murray. “I firmly believe that WAPA’s success as a high-caliber organization stems from a dedicated workforce, exemplified by an elite class of top performers like Lund.” 

The Secretary of Energy’s Excellence Award is bestowed on individuals who have made a singular accomplishment demonstrating high levels of performance and outstanding leadership in public service. The individual’s overall achievement must be substantial, outside the ordinary course of duty and significantly benefit the Department’s mission and our nation. 


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