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Kayti Bashore honored with Human Resource Strategic Partnership Award

In recognition of her exemplary leadership and collaboration, Kayti Bashore received the 2024 HR Strategic Partnership Award, an honor presented annually by the Power Marketing Administrations Human Resources Shared Service Center.

Now in its fourth year, this award celebrates leaders who exemplify what it means to be a strategic partner with HR, demonstrating outstanding skill sets and fostering a collaborative environment that drives organizational success.

HR Director Cheryl Reese, who created the award, expressed her appreciation for Bashore’s contributions, stating, “Kayti is always calm, collaborative and solution-focused. She advocates for her goals with logic and empathy, considering the impacts decisions will have on others.”

Bashore epitomizes excellence in all the award criteria, consistently supporting HR plans and advocating for her managers during talent acquisition challenges. She proactively communicates recruitment priorities and needs, helping to educate hiring managers on HR policies. Her ability to find resolutions and maintain a positive outlook represents her dedication to true leadership qualities, allowing her to excel at her job.

Bashore’s supervisor, Senior Vice President and Upper Great Plains Regional Manager Lloyd Linke added, “Kayti has been an outstanding advocate for UGP in her work with HR. Her efforts allowed us to recruit a staff of highly qualified employees while continuing to meet WAPA’s mission.”

The HR Strategic Partnership Award emphasizes the importance of understanding WAPA’s priorities and leveraging HR services effectively. Great managers like Bashore recognize the value of HR in achieving both current and future goals. HR leadership carefully considered many client leaders using parameters including the broad scope and impact of decisions, positive educational influence on other decision-makers and the determination to nurture strong, results-oriented partnerships for the future.

“My role as the Administrative Officer for UGP is to serve as a liaison between management, employees and HR,” said Bashore. “My partnership with HR has been rewarding as we’ve strategically collaborated to ensure UGP employees’ needs are met from a regional and HR perspective.”

Bashore’s proactive approach and dedication to nurturing a strong partnership with HR have positively impacted WAPA’s operations. She has played a crucial role in enhancing the organization’s talent acquisition processes by supporting HR plans, advocating for her managers and maintaining clear communication. Her leadership has proven instrumental in educating hiring managers about HR policies and procedures, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

“UGP’s strong working relationship with HR over the past year has been instrumental in getting strong candidates hired for key positions,” noted Bashore.

The PMA HR SSC’s recognition of Bashore with the HR Strategic Partnership Award highlights her exceptional ability to align HR strategies with WAPA’s objectives. Her commitment to fostering a collaborative and results-based environment exemplifies the essence of the award. As WAPA continues to advance its mission of providing reliable, cost-based hydropower to customers and communities, leaders like Bashore play a pivotal role in ensuring the organization remains agile, efficient and forward-thinking.

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