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How our people power WAPA forward

A few months after the publication of its strategic plan, Power Forward 2030, WAPA is kicking off a “How I Power WAPA Forward” campaign, featuring both written and video vignettes of employees sharing how they contribute to WAPA’s mission and strategy.

“WAPA’s employees help turn Power Forward 2030 from a written plan into on-the-ground action and real results,” Chief Strategy Officer Kerry Whitford explained. “We are eager for employees to identify and share how their work connects to WAPA’s strategic goals.”

Administrator LeBeau launches video campaign

Portrait of Administrator Tracey LeBeau

Administrator and CEO Tracey A. LeBeau kicked off the video campaign with the release of her own “How I Power WAPA Forward” video. In it she shares, “I want to get us thinking about how we will all participate in … Power Forward 2030. Each of you plays a critical role in powering WAPA forward through your contributions and commitment to the communities we serve.”

LeBeau also shares how she powers WAPA forward by giving employees the resources they need to thrive, collaborating with our customers to solve shared problems, and partnering to ensure grid reliability to achieve a resilient energy future through 2030 and beyond.

To hear more about how LeBeau powers WAPA forward and learn more about the “How I Power WAPA Forward” video campaign, check out the May 30 “Powering WAPA forward” story on the myWAPA homepage.

How I Power WAPA forward

As part of the campaign, the Closed Circuit will also feature an employee sharing how they power WAPA forward.

Image of VP of Power Marketing Arun Sethi wearing a hard hat and holding on to a transmission line.Hi, I’m Arun Sethi. I’m Sierra Nevada’s vice president of Power Marketing. I work in Folsom, California, and I power WAPA forward by … helping WAPA prepare for and adapt to the changing energy landscape and by ensuring our rates reflect the lowest costs possible.

I work with my team to ensure we are aligned to provide great customer service, and I listen to our customers to make sure we understand their needs and challenges. Electricity markets are expanding in the West, and I feel it’s my responsibility to keep an eye to the future to make sure WAPA is positioned to continue delivering on its critical mission.

Note: The author is a management and program analyst.

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Last modified on March 8th, 2024