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LAKEWOOD, Colo. –Western Area Power Administration will start construction on a long-anticipated project to replace the power lines in the Town of Estes Park and Roosevelt National Forest in northern Colorado beginning Aug. 1.  

WAPA hired Barnard Construction Company, Inc., to replace two, 16-mile, wood transmission lines with one, 16-mile, double-circuit steel transmission line between the Town of Estes Park and Flatiron Reservoir.

Landowners along the entire project route have been notified of the upcoming construction in a mailer from WAPA, though they may not see construction activities until later in the project. 

The project is scheduled to take 18 months to complete and has been divided into two 6-8 month phases and four segments (project map below). Phase one will prepare the right-of-way and structure foundations along the entire project. Phase two will involve placing structures and stringing wire. For each phase, construction crews will begin on the east side of the project, closer to Flatiron Reservoir, in Segment 1 and work west towards the Town of Estes Park in Segment 3. Segment 4 work will install fiber installation on the existing double-circuit structures near Lake Estes and is anticipated to take about a week.

The Town of Estes Park is not expected to experience any power outages during construction. Two sources of power will serve the Town of Estes Park at all times except for two 12-hour windows where a single source of power will serve the town. 

The project to rebuild the transmission lines has been underway since 2011, in collaboration with the Town of Estes Park. Once completed, the new single transmission line will:

  • Improve reliable electric delivery to the Town of Estes Park by reducing the potential for customer service disruption.
  • Install more resilient steel structures and remove aged and deteriorating wood structures.
  • Halve the transmission corridors and the associated environmental footprint by co-locating two transmission lines onto a single right-of-way.
  • Ensure that the transmission line rights-of-way comply with applicable codes and requirements.
  • Mitigate wildfire hazards to transmission structures.
  • Improve maintenance access for routine work and emergencies.

WAPA will notify the Town before construction begins on each segment. Visit the project webpage​ for more information. 

Estes-Flatiron project map image

Estes-Flatiron transmission line rebuild project map. The​ rebuild is divided into four segments. From right to left, Segment 1 is purple, Segment 2 is orange,​ Segment 3 is green and Segment 4 is red. After construction, the original transmission lines, represented by black lines, will be removed. 


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Last modified on September 12th, 2023