The Boulder Canyon Project (Project) Informational Module (Module) is intended to provide the user with a conglomerate of valuable information readily available with a series of links. WAPA and its customers are on the verge of undertaking the task of remarketing the Project after the current 2017 contract expiration date. The Module was created to assist those with the intent of learning more about the Project’s history and provide for a central source of pertinent historical documents such as legislation, case law, and reference materials. From the main page one may navigate to the following collections of information:


The Module consists of various selections of historical legislation either directly related to the authorization of the Project or legislation related to other similar projects. Collectively, the federal statues that are generally applicable to all Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) water projects and the statues authorizing individual projects are known as “Reclamation Law”. The Module’s timeline includes a sampling of Reclamation Law that is most related to the Project. The information is presented in a timeline format which provides links to an overview and scanned copies of the selected pieces of legislation. Some scanned copies of legislation are excerpts from the statute and not the entire document. Most copies of legislation were extracted from “Federal Reclamation and Related Laws Annotated” as provided by the Unites States Department of Interior.


The case law section of the module provides for a select few cases that primarily were intended to interpret the implementation of Reclamation Law. While this selection is not considered an all inclusive collection of case law relative to Reclamation Law, it is however a fairly comprehensive sampling of some of the more precedent setting disputes. An overview of each case consists of a case reference number, effective date, parties involved, and the courts ruling. All case references are linked to a scanned copy of a judicial briefing.


The project history data sheet is a simplified background of the Project including a variety of information regarding the project characteristics and capabilities. This data sheet is intended to provide pertinent historical and project overview information to those who are not already familiar with the Project.


The related links is a collection of internet links to WAPA, Reclamation, and customer web sites that one might find useful in acclimating to the parties currently involved in the project.

Last modified on July 18th, 2023