​The Desert Southwest Region carries out WAPA’s mission to customers in Arizona, southern California, and southern Nevada. We sell more than 10.3 billion kilowatt-hours of Federal hydroelectric power to cities and towns, rural electric cooperatives, Federal and state agencies and irrigation districts. This is enough energy to provide electric service for a year, to more than two million homes.


WAPA’s Desert Southwest Customer Service Region markets federal hydroelectric power to nearly 70 municipalities, cooperatives, federal and state agencies, and irrigation districts.

Most power sold by DSW is generated from powerplants operated at Hoover, Parker, and Davis dams. Power is also marketed from hydroelectric projects in the Bureau’s Upper Colorado Region and the federal portion of power generated.​

DSW also operates and maintains more than 40 substations and 3,100 miles (4,950 kilometers) of transmission lines to keep the system running reliably. Our partnerships with our customers allow us to help them quickly restore service to local residents after storms or other major system disturbances.

Some services offered by DSW includes technical assistance through the Energy Services program on topics such as infrared scanning, efficient lighting, and demand-side management. We also offer training and assistance on planning for future power needs. These and other services are available through our Energy Services site.

Last modified on July 10th, 2023