WAPA proposes to approve APS’ interconnection request and enter into an interconnection agreement associated with the construction of a new APS transmission line that would interconnect with the Mead-Perkins 525-kV (MDE-PES) transmission line, which is operated and maintained by WAPA. Section 211 of the Federal Power Act requires that transmission service be provided upon request if capacity is available without impairing the continued reliability of electric systems and if it is in the public interest to do so.

APS proposes to build, operate, and maintain a 14-mile long 115-kV or 230-kV transmission line that would extend from southeast of the U.S. Route 93 and State Route (SR) 97 intersection generally north to approximately 1-mile west of the SR 97 and SR 96 intersection near Bagdad, Arizona.

In addition to the transmission line, the proposed project includes:

  • A 500-kV switchyard (MPP-Q01).
  • A substation (TS-01) adjacent to the MPP-Q01 switchyard.
  • A substation (TS-02) adjacent to the existing Willow Lake 115-kV line near Bagdad.
  • A microwave tower (169-5) located approximately 10-miles southeast of the MPP-Q01 switchyard and a second tower located at the existing Pete Smith Peak communication facilities.
  • A fiber optic cable along the transmission line from TS-01 to APS’ Bagdad Substation.


The MPP-Q01 switchyard, TS-01 substation, 169-5 microwave tower, and majority of the new transmission line would be located on State Trust Land managed by the Arizona State Land Department. The communications tower constructed at Pete Smith Peak would be located within an existing right-of-way on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The northernmost portion of the transmission line and the TS-02 substation would be constructed on private land near Bagdad. Altogether, the project area includes 267 acres of State Trust Land, less than 1-acre of BLM land, and 37-acres of private lands (total of 305-acres).


WAPA is hosting a public meeting on April 26, 2023. The public scoping period will end on May 12, 2023. WAPA has determined that an Environmental Assessment (EA) is appropriate for this project and will incorporate all public comments received. WAPA expects to have a Draft EA available for public review by Summer 2024.


For questions about the proposed Project’s design and schedule, please contact:

Shawn Berkram, Project Manager
Western Area Power Administration, DSW
Phone: (602) 605-2613
Email: berkram​

For questions about the NEPA process or to submit comments on the proposed Project, please contact:

Becky Hopkins, Environmental Project Manager
Civil Design & Engineering (CD&E) on contract to
Western Area Power Administration, Desert Southwest Region
Phone: (470) 922-1736



Last modified on April 2nd, 2024