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Exciting Evolution: The Relaunch of Closed Circuit

In the spirit of innovation and progress, we are thrilled to announce a transformation in how we connect with you, our valued customers and stakeholders. The Closed Circuit newsletter, a long-standing source of news and insights, is evolving from its traditional print roots into a fully digital format. This shift is not merely a change in medium but a reflection of our commitment to more immediate, accessible and engaging communication. 

Why Go Digital?

The digital world offers a pace and flexibility that print cannot match. By embracing a digital format for Closed Circuit, we’re breaking free from bi-monthly schedules and limited space constraints. This means we can share news, updates and stories with you as they happen, ensuring you’re always informed and engaged. Moreover, this transition allows us to enrich our content with multimedia elements, making our communication more interactive. 

A New Way to Hear from Us

One of the most exciting aspects of this digital transformation is the opportunity it creates for direct communication from WAPA’s leadership. This platform will feature insights, reflections, and updates directly from the desks of our senior leaders, including myself. It’s a chance for us to share our vision, challenges, and achievements with you more personally and immediately. 

Incorporating Our Core Values

As we embark on this digital journey, our core values remain our guiding star. Our commitment to transparent, purposeful communication and active listening informs every piece of content we share. We understand the importance of speaking directly and honestly, ensuring our messages are informative and resonate with you personally. 

  • Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of our mission. The digital Closed Circuit will serve as a hub for sharing ideas, successes, and opportunities for collaboration. It’s a space where our community’s collective wisdom can come together to drive us forward. 
  • Respect for our community, environment, and ourselves is a principle underpinning our work. This digital platform allows us to share how we’re acting as good stewards of the resources entrusted to us and how we’re working to impact the world around us positively. 
  • Integrity, safety, and service guide our actions. Through our digital newsletter, we’ll share stories that highlight our commitment to doing what’s right, ensuring the safety of our communities, and serving with the dedication that the importance of our mission demands. 
  • Our relentless curiosity and commitment to improvement will shine through in our shared content. We see this digital platform as a way to learn, grow, and innovate together, embracing feedback and new ideas to better serve our mission and communities. 

Join Us on This Digital Journey

We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter as we move forward. While Closed Circuit will evolve in format, our mission to serve you with dedication and integrity remains unchanged. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, offering insights, stories, and updates that keep us connected and moving forward. 

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Here’s to a future filled with shared successes and strengthened connections powered by our collective commitment to progress and innovation. 

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Last modified on March 21st, 2024