Photo: hand holding a glass globe with water behind it. Text overlay - Celebrating Earth Day April 22

Earth Day 2024 - Embracing Sustainability at WAPA

As we celebrate Earth Day this April 22, WAPA highlights our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. While our primary mission revolves around energy, our efforts contribute to broader sustainability goals, emphasizing the importance of renewable resources and environmental stewardship.

WAPA is a major hydropower provider in the Western United States, playing a vital role in the renewable energy landscape. Hydropower accounts for 5.7% of the national energy portfolio, with renewables supplying approximately 21% of U.S. electricity. Our initiatives extend beyond hydropower; we actively facilitate the integration of wind and solar energy through connections to our transmission system. This includes conducting comprehensive system studies, managing the NEPA process as necessary, and physically integrating new renewable sources.

Our Transmission Infrastructure Program (TIP) is crucial in expanding our transmission capabilities, which enhances our ability to support more renewable energy access. These efforts not only help integrate renewable energy into our power systems and promote economic development but also enhance national energy security. Each step toward utilizing renewable resources brings us closer to a stable, sustainable energy future, filled with hope and optimism.

By improving our operations and extending our impact, we continue to create jobs, spur innovation, and drive investment within the clean energy sector. This Earth Day, we encourage everyone to consider their environmental impact. Actions like reducing single-use plastics or participating in local clean-up events can significantly contribute to a greener future and improve personal well-being.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to a greener tomorrow. Your involvement is crucial in our collective effort toward a sustainable future. Together, we are making meaningful progress.

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