Boulder Canyon: Straddling the Colorado River near the Arizona-Nevada border, Hoover Dam in Boulder Canyon creates Lake Mead. River waters turning turbines at Hoover Powerplant produce about 2,074 MW–enough electricity for nearly 8 million people. Western markets this power to public utilities in Arizona, California and Nevada over 53.30 circuit-miles of transmission line.

Central Arizona: Authorized in 1968, the Central Arizona Project in Arizona and western New Mexico was built to improve water resources in the Colorado River Basin. Segments of the authorization allowed for Federal participation​. The Federal share of the powerplant’s combined capacity is 547 MW.

Parker-Davis: The Parker-Davis Project resulted from the consolidation of two projects on the Colorado River. Parker Dam created Lake Havasu 155 miles below Hoover Dam. Davis Dam is 67 miles below Hoover Dam. The combined capacity of the powerplants at the dams is 309 MW. The project includes 1,537 circuit-miles of high-voltage transmission lines in Arizona, southern Nevada and along the Colorado River in California.

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Last modified on October 20th, 2023