DSW Energy Imbalance Market Activities

On Sept. 16, 2021, DSW announced that it had signed an implementation agreement with the California Independent System Operator to participate in the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) starting in 2023. This decision is the result of nearly two years of analysis and collaboration with customers on the best path forward to manage real-time mismatches between supply and demand within the Western Area Lower Colorado balancing authority. Joining the EIM will support DSW’s ability to meet regulatory requirements for reliable operations, enhance real-time trading opportunities, provide efficient and affordable operations and address BA limitations and constraints due to the loss of bilateral trading partners to market constructs.

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DSW Market Update January 31, 2024:

Rates for EIM services

Implementation meetings/presentations​

September 21, 2022: Energy Imbalance Market Implementation Customer Meeting​​​​

May 24, 2022: Energy Imbalance Market Implementation Customer Meeting​

  • Meeting Announcement (April 25th)​
  • Presentation​​​
  • Webex Recording​​​​

February 23, 2022: Energy Imbalance Market Implementation Customer Meeting

Background and study phase

DSW projects operate from the Western Area Lower Colorado (WALC) Balancing Authority (BA). The status quo operating strategy for WALC is becoming increasingly unsustainable. Our current process of using residual hydro capacity which is not being used to serve Firm Electric Service and supplementing with real-time purchases for balancing BA loads is most likely not maintainable due to power availability and cost, as more renewables are interconnected to the bulk electric system. DSW needs to identify the best path forward to be prepared for the future.

See below presentations and information materials distributed during the study phase of this initiative.

Study updates​


June 22, 2021: Energy Imbalance Market Customer Meeting​

March 25, 2020 and April 1, 2020: Energy Imbalance Information Session

  • Meeting Announcement (March 25th)
  • Meeting Announcement (April 1st)
  • Presentation

November 12, 2019: Energy Imbalance Information Sessions

July 15, 2019: Energy Imbalance Markets in the West customer meeting

​EIM resources

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