Falcon-Amistad: This project consists of two dams on the Rio Grande River between Texas and Mexico. The United States and Mexico share and operate separate power plants on each side of the Rio Grande River. The State Department’s International Boundary and Water Commission operates the U.S. portion of the projects. The combined capacity of the power plants is evenly divided between the two nations, providing Western with 98 MW of hydropower to market to two south Texas cooperatives over Central Power and Light Company’s transmission system.

Provo River: Authorized in 1935, the Provo River Project includes Deer Creek Dam and Power plant on the Provo River in Utah. Its maximum operating capacity is 5 MW. Customers pay all operating, maintenance and replacement expenses of the project each year, and receive all of the energy it produces.

Salt Lake City Area/Integrated Projects: Power from the Colorado River Storage Project plants was combined with generation from the Collbran and Rio Grande projects into the Salt Lake City Area/Integrated Projects on Oct. 1, 1987. It is marketed under the Post-1989 General Power Marketing and Allocation Criteria. The combined installed capacity of the 11 power plants that comprise the project is 1,819 MW. More than 2,322 circuit-miles of transmission line serve project customers.

See WAPA’s full list of Power Projects.

Last modified on July 7th, 2023