​Agencies wishing to participate in a purchase through Renewable Resources for Federal Agencies must first sign a Statement of Intent for either Federal agencies or for WAPA preference customers. Other documents used in the process include:

  • Interagency agreement for REC purchase
  • Interagency agreement for energy purchase
  • RFP for REC purchase (WAPA-originated)
  • RFP for energy purchase (WAPA-originated)
  • Vendor contracts for RECs and renewable energy

There are also several documents specific to onsite generation agreements:

  • Opportunity Notices (agency-originated)
  • Requests for Information (agency-originated)
  • Energy purchase contracts (WAPA-originated)
  • Agency land lease/license agreement with site vendor
  • Agency RFI to identify prospective owner/operator
  • Samples of these documents are available on request only.

Please contact the program to request copies of these documents.


Last modified on April 30th, 2024