The AES Corporation proposes to construct the Wibaux Wind Farm Project (Project) in Wibaux County, Montana. The proposed Project, to be called the Wibaux Wind Farm, would interconnect with the Western Area Power Administration’s (WAPA’s) electrical transmission system and include construction of a 235-megawatt (MW) wind farm generating facility with up to 70 wind turbine generators and associated pads. Other project components would include an electrical collection system, a new substation, a new overhead transmission line, access roads, a fiber optics communication system, energy storage facilities, meteorological towers, and an operations and maintenance facility. The project would be located on private land approximately one (1) miles west of the town of Wibaux, in Wibaux County, Montana. Construction of the Wibaux Wind Farm is proposed to being as early as spring 2025.

WAPA’s Involvement

If there is available transmission capacity on the federal transmission system, WAPA provides open access to transmission services so that energy producers can transmit power to their customers. Any entity requesting transmission services must submit an application for interconnection. For more information about the interconnection process, visit WAPA’s website here. The federal interconnection process is separate from any State, County, or local permitting and approvals that may be required.

The proposed interconnection of the Project to WAPA’s transmission system is a Federal action under NEPA. As a result, an Environmental Assessment (EA) will be prepared to evaluate the environmental effects of the Project. The EA will tier from the analysis conducted in the Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS). The PEIS can be viewed here. If WAPA finds there are no significant environmental impacts, the interconnection request will be granted and WAPA will prepare a Finding of No Significant Impact. Together, the EA and the PEIS would comprise the NEPA documentation for this proposed Federal action. If significant impacts are identified, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process would be initiated. An EIS provides a more thorough evaluation of impacts and alternatives, as well as a more formal public involvement process.

Public Involvement

One of the first steps in the NEPA process is public scoping. During the scoping process, input is requested from the general public, government agencies, tribal governments, and others to identify issues and alternatives that will help WAPA define the scope of the EA.

WAPA will hold an open house public scoping meeting to provide an opportunity for interested parties to discuss the Project with federal officials and resource specialists and to submit comments. The meeting will be held in-person on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2023, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. mountain daylight time (MDT), at the Wibaux County Courthouse at 203 Wibaux St. S in Wibaux, MT.

To learn more about this Project and to share your ideas, join us in-person at:
April 3, 2024
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. MDT
Wibaux County Courthouse
203 Wibaux St. St
Wibaux, MT 59353

Comments may also be submitted in the following ways:
By mail to:
Western Area Power Administration
Attn: Mr. Gregory Liebelt
P.O. Box 145
Fort Peck. MT 59223

By email to NEPA@wapa.gov with Wibaux Comment in subject line

Comments should be provided or postmarked no later than April 12th, 2024.
The next step in the NEPA process will be to prepare a draft EA to analyze environmental impacts of the proposal. Once prepared, a draft of the EA will be available for public review and comment. If you wish to be notified when the draft EA is available, please contact WAPA using one of the methods listed.

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Last modified on April 16th, 2024