​WAPA, in partnership with Duke-American Transmission Company, is proposing to construct a new 230-kilovolt transmission project about 85 miles in length between WAPA’s Tracy Substation and San Luis, O’Neill and Dos Amigos substations. The San Luis Transmission Project (SLTP) will provide the electricity to economically and reliably deliver federal water supplies to water customers in the Central Valley and Bay Area while benefiting reliable grid operations in the region. As part of SLTP, WAPA is also considering constructing, operating and maintaining about seven miles of 70-kV transmission line between San Luis and O’Neill substations.

When completed, WAPA will own, operate and maintain the SLTP with 400 megawatts of capacity between Tracy and San Luis substations reserved to serve Bureau of Reclamation and the San Luis and Delta-Mendota Water Authority customers, fulfilling the transmission service request submitted by Reclamation. An additional 200 megawatts of capacity will remain for use by Duke-American Transmission Company.

WAPA is statutorily obligated to provide power to the San Luis pumping units that serve the water customers. This project ensures that obligation is met at stable and affordable rates.

All construction bids will be available at FedBizOpps. Do not contact WAPA directly with construction bid inquiries except at contact information in the bid.

Learn more about SLTP at the project website​.


October 2022:  Project Cancellation
Western Area Power Administration  (WAPA) will not be moving forward with executing the agreements necessary to implement the San Luis Transmission Project (SLTP).  The SLTP Proponent(s) were not able to achieve financing, and therefore, WAPA has cancelled work on the SLTP. The SLTP has also been removed from WAPA’s OASIS queue.

Jan. 31, 2018: WAPA, DATC, Reclamation sign memorandum of understanding

WAPA, Duke American Transmission Company and the Bureau of Reclamation signed a joint memorandum of understanding that sets forth parameters to negotiate and develop a contract to construct SLTP.

April 29, 2016: Environmental process complete

WAPA issued its record of decision for the San Luis Transmission Project. The record of decision concluded WAPA’s environmental review process for the project under the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act and identified the agency preferred route and configuration for the transmission line.


Last modified on October 17th, 2023