WAPA’s Rocky Mountain Region published its Loveland Area Projects (LAP) – 2025 Power Marketing Initiative (2025 PMI) in the Federal Register December 30, 2013, to be effective January 29, 2014.  The 2025 PMI established the criteria for allocating firm power from the LAP beginning October 1, 2024, through September 30, 2054.   The 2025 PMI established three resource pools of up to one percent each of the marketable resource under contract at the time of each reallocation to be available for eligible new preference entities.  Reallocations will occur at the beginning of the October 1, 2024, contract term and again every ten years thereafter on October 1, 2034, and October 1, 2044.

To begin the 2025 Resource Pool process, WAPA published a notice in the Federal Register on September 20, 2021, describing the allocation procedures and call for applications.   A link to the Federal Register Notice is posted below.  ​

WAPA accepted completed Applicant Profile Data (APD) applications for the 2025 Resource Pool until 4:00 p.m. MST, November 15, 2021.  WAPA initially received 13 applications, and determined that one applicant did not meet the General Eligibility Criteria and therefore, was ineligible to receive an allocation.   WAPA published a notice in the Federal Register April 26, 2022, link below, identifying the proposed allocations for the 12 allottees listed in the table below.  On May 5, 2022, Basin, Wyoming, notified WAPA that it faxed a completed APD to WAPA on November 10, 2021.  WAPA didn’t succ​​essfully receive Basin’s APD and was unaware Basin submitted an APD.  After reviewing Basin’s application, WAPA determined that it did not meet the General Eligibility Criteria and was also ineligible to receive an allocation.

WAPA held a public information and comment forum  Monday, May 23, 2022, at 1:30 p.m., MDT.  No comments were received​ during the public comment period.  Therefore, WAPA did not make any changes to the Proposed Allocations and published the 2025 Resource Pool – Loveland Area Projects, Final Power Allocation in the Federal Register on August 18, 2022.  The allocations will be final thirty days after publication. A link to the Federal Register Notice is posted below.

The 2025 Resource Pool has been allocated proportionately by season to qualified allottees based on average seasonal loads for calendar year 2020.  Allocations are based on the LAP marketable resource currently available, and are subject to the minimum (100 kilowatts) and maximum (5,000 kilowatts) allocation criteria.  The allocations in the table below were unchanged from the Proposed Allocations Federal Register Notice and were the final allocations published in the Federal Register August 18, 2022.    ​If the LAP marketable resource is adjusted in the future, all allocations may be adjusted accordingly.

Allottees  Final​ LAP 2025 Resource Pool Power A​llocation
​ ​ ​
 Summer Kilowatt-Hours  Winter Kilowatt-Hours  Summer Kilowatts  Winter Kilowatts
City of Alma, KS 1,641,046 1,174,939 1,003 781
City of Blue Mound, KS 219,242 176,015 134 117
Buckley Space Force Base, CO 4,198,329 3,598,531 2,566 2,392
City of Elwood, KS 921,145 648,398 563 431
City of Luray, KS 214,334 156,458 131 104
City of Montezuma, KS 1,353,086 1,036,534 827 689
City of Morrill, KS 163,614 150,440 100 100
Village of Paxton, NE 595,554 570,169 364 379
City of Prescott, KS 163,614 150,440 100 100
City of Robinson, KS 163,614 150,440 100 100
Village of Trenton, NE 571,012 532,559 349 354
City of Wathena, KS 1,097,848 761,228 671 506
Total 2025 Resource Pool 11,302,438 9,106,151 6,908 6,053

Additional Information and Documentation:

To request additional information about the 2025 Resource Pool contact:

Manager, Contracts and Energy Services
Western Area Power Administration
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Last modified on July 26th, 2023