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Electric Power Training Center (EPTC)

Welcome to the Electric Power Training Center. We are devoted to providing the highest quality power system operations training. Our courses are designed for a wide range of audiences, from power plant operators, to dispatchers, or anyone else with an interest in learning about the principles and operation of power generation, transmission and interconnected system operations. In addition to our excellent instruction staff, we are equipped with powerful simulation tools, including the unique Miniature Power System. The MPS is a self-contained, fully operational power system simulator with over 40 full-size panels of operator controls. It includes three generators, a wind farm, four substations, many hundreds of miles of transmission lines, a dispatch center, and a variety of loads spread throughout the system.

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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and in accordance with Federal State and Local laws, the Electric Power Training Center has responded by suspending in-person training courses until further notice. However, we are pleased to host a series of learning modules designed to be delivered through an instructor led distance learning medium (WebEx Training platform). Virtual learning requires use of a computer or WebEx supported device for use of WebEx interactive features, a cell phone is not recommended. Please click here     to see extensive descriptions or to register for a course on our registration platform GoSignMeUp. (This works best in Chrome).

VILT COURSE DESCRIPTIONS (also on our registration website "GoSignmeup" above)

Generation Series (G101 - G106) NERC
This is an online training series delivered utilizing the Cisco WebEx Training Platform. The course is broken down into 4 or 5 separate segments. The series is delivered so a participant can complete the entire series in one week by attending a separate 4-hour segment each day. The segments (lessons) in the course are:
  • G-101 Generation Principles (3.5 hrs Ops) NERC
  • G-102 Generation Mechanical Operations (3.5 hrs Ops)NERC
  • G-103 Generation Speed Governors (3.5 hrs Ops)NERC
  • G-104 Generation Synchronization Lab (3.5 hrs Ops)NERC
  • G-105 Generator Common Trouble Alarms NERC
  • G-106 Generation Relay Protection (not accredited at this time)

Cost: $315.00 per lesson or $1,800.00 ($90 discount applied) per Generation Series.


Emergency Operations Series (Development in Progress) NERC

This segment will consist of a Virtual Instructor-Led Training presentation providing an overview of the equipment and system characteristics associated with a system restoration from Blackstart resources IAW NERC Standard EOP-005-3. This will include identifying the system characteristics of Blackstart generation, the Ferranti Rise Effect as well as resources to support voltage and VAR control during a restoration. Additionally, we will explore an example of a Blackstart Restoration plan and address the elements of effective communications and communications protocols IAW NERC Standard COM-002-4.

  • E-101 Blackstart Principles (3.5 hrs of Ops, 3.5 hrs of Standards) NERC
  • E-102 Operating Limit Violations SOL/IROLS (not accredited at this time)

Cost: $315.00 per lesson.


Fundamentals of Electricity Series

Provides a basic overview of electricity and how the electrical power system works with an understanding of the generation and transmission of electrical power.
  • F-101 DC Series Circuits (not accredited at this time)
  • F-102 DC Parallel Circuits (not accredited at this time)
  • F-103 DC Complex Circuits (not accredited at this time)
  • F-104 Reactive Power in DC Circuits (not accredited at this time)

Cost: $315.00 per lesson or $1,200.00 ($60 discount applied) per Fundamentals of Electricity Series (F101 - F104). 


Transmission Series (T101 - T106) NERC

These lessons cover the basic roles and responsibilities of the Transmission system operator including transmission operations, reliability and adherence to NERC standards. The goal of this course is to introduce the multitude of responsibilities a typical transmission Operator has.

  • T-101 Transmission System Principles (3.5 hrs Ops, 2.5 hrs Standards)NERC
  • T-102 Transmission System Equipment (3.5 hrs Ops)NERC
  • T-103 Transmission System Substation  (3.5 hrs Ops) NERC
  • T-104 Transmission System Operations (not accredited at this time)
  • T-105 Transmission System Relay Protection NERC
  • T-106 Transmission HVDC(not accredited at this time)

Cost: $315.00 per lesson or $1,800.00 ($90 discount applied) per Transmission Series.


System Operations Series (S101 - S106) NERC

  • S-101 Interconnected (not accredited at this time)
  • S-102 Communications (3.5 hrs Ops, 2 hrs Standards)NERC
  • S-103 Switching (not accredited at this time)
  • S-104 Grounding (not accredited at this time)
  • S-105 System Operations Dynamics (not accredited at this time)
  • S-106 System Operating Limits (SOL) & Interconnected Reliability Operation Limits (IROL) (3.5 hrs Ops, 2.5 Standards)NERC

Cost: $315.00 per lesson or $1,800.00 ($90 discount applied) per System Operations Series.


In an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19, cancellations will be posted on a weekly basis. Registered attendees will receive a course update no later than one week before their scheduled class begins. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Class wait List 

Often our classes fill to capacity, and you will therefore see a FULL note on a particular class. If the class you want happens to be FULL, please contact us to be placed on a waiting list. If there is a cancellation, chances are you can be placed into the class. If there is enough interest in a FULL class, we may schedule another class.

EPTC's Cancellation Policy  

Cancellations made 5 days (for Virtual Learning courses) and 45 days or more before the start of a course will be refunded in full. After this deadline, cancellations will be charged the full tuition unless a substitution for the same class is made.

If enough interest is not generated in a certain class, the EPTC reserves the right to either cancel or reschedule the training.  Please keep this in mind when booking your travel.

Classes Limited to North American Grid

At this time, EPTC classes are limited to attendees whose companies are situated in the North American Grid.

EPTC is a NERC CEH Provider


The EPTC is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation                      as a continuing education provider who adheres to NERC Continuing Education Program Criteria. NERC ID: WAPA_EPTC_001

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