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Welcome to the Electric Power Training Center. We are devoted to providing the highest quality power system operations training. Our courses are designed for a wide range of audiences, from power plant operators, to dispatchers, or anyone else with an interest in learning about the principles and operation of power generation, transmission and interconnected system operations. In addition to our excellent instruction staff, we are equipped with powerful simulation tools, including the unique Miniature Power System (MPS). The MPS is a self-contained, fully operational power system simulator with over 40 full-size panels of operator controls. It includes three generators, a wind farm, four substations, many hundreds of miles of transmission lines, a dispatch center, and a variety of loads spread throughout the system.

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Coming Soon:
Job analysis course to be offered at EPTC

Golden, Colorado

This fall, the Electric Power Training Center will be hosting the National Training Center, Management and Instructional Training curriculum Job Analysis course.

This intense one-week course provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to complete a job analysis, including terminology and procedures. Students will develop a sample job analysis and produce a report.

DOE federal and contractor trainers, managers, job analysts and human resource professionals will benefit from this course. Learn more by visiting the NTC course catalog and selecting "Management and Instructional Training" in the Curriculum search box or entering "job analysis" in the course title search box to bring up the course description.

Note:  Attendees must complete a short online prerequisite, NTC module, MIT-103DE Introduction to the Instructional Design Process, before attending the NTC classes on the topic of Training.

Watch this page for the date announcement. For questions regarding attendance or registration for this course, contact the EPTC, or the National Training Center, Roberta Montoya at 505-845-2285.​

EPTC launches new registration system

The next time you sign up for one of EPTC’s quality training courses, you will experience a whole new process. Your registration will now be handled by RegOnline                                                                                    , an event management platform. This tool will enable attendees to pay for courses online—a previously unavailable option—and provide EPTC and students with an emailed receipt.

Here is how the new system works:   

  • To get started, users select “Register for EPTC courses” from the navigation menu, same as before.
  • On the grid listing all available training courses, click the “register” button to the right of the chosen class.
  • Fill in your email and hit continue.
  • Fill in your personal information including your supervisor’s email and your regional block code. There is a space at the bottom of the form for those completing it on behalf of another employee. Hit “Add another person” or “Continue.”
  • Scroll down the checkout screen and hit the “Finish” button. Unless you select “Finish,” you will not be registered.

The system will then send you an invoice with payment details, and send confirmation to the EPTC.
Please let us know if you have any difficulties with RegOnline, or any suggestions to improve the experience.




Often our classes fill to capacity, and you will therefore see a FULL note on a particular class. If the class you want happens to be FULL, please contact us to be placed on a waiting list. If there is a cancellation, chances are you can be placed into the class. If there is enough interest in a FULL class, we may schedule another class.

EPTC's Cancellation Policy  

Cancellations made 45 days or more before the start of a course will be refunded in full. After this deadline, cancellations will be charged the full tuition unless a substitution for the same class is made.

If enough interest is not generated in a certain class, the EPTC reserves the right to either cancel or reschedule the training.  Please keep this in mind when booking your travel.

Classes Limited to North American Grid

At this time, EPTC classes are limited to attendees whose companies are situated in the North American Grid.


EPTC Granted NERC CEH Provider Status  


The EPTC is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation                                                                                                                 as a continuing education provider who adheres to NERC Continuing Education Program Criteria. NERC ID: WAPA_EPTC_001

To view a list of the EPTC's NERC Accredited Courses click the NERC logo above or on the CEH Icon throughout this site.


  • Power Plant Operations
    10/17/2017 - 10/26/2017
    Provides ​in-depth ​knowledge ​of ​power ​plant ​operations. ​Generating ​equipment ​and ​its ​protection, ​governor ​response, ​and ​voltage ​regulating ​equipment ​are ​examined. ​Concepts ​including ​power ​system ​dynamics ​are ​reinforced ​by ​problem ​solving ​exercises ​in ​the ​EPTC’s ​Miniature ​Power ​System.
  • Relaying for Operations Personnel
    10/30/2017 - 11/3/2017
    Examines ​protective ​relaying ​from ​a ​system ​operations ​point ​of ​view; ​theory ​of ​operation ​is ​melded ​with ​real ​world ​application. ​Operational ​significance ​of ​relay ​actions ​and ​indications ​is ​explored. ​27 ​CEHs ​awarded ​for ​successful ​completion ​(OPS ​Topics: ​27; ​Standards: ​0; ​Simulation: ​9.5; ​EOP: ​9.5). ​ ​1st ​day ​begins ​12;30 ​p.m.. ​ ​All ​other ​days ​begin ​at ​8:00 ​a.m.
  • Power Systems Operations for Engineers
    11/12/2017 - 11/16/2017
    Explores ​the ​inter-dependency ​of ​the ​operation, ​maintenance, ​and ​engineering ​of ​the ​electric ​power ​system ​through ​hands-on ​operation ​of ​the ​EPTC's ​MPS. ​Presentations ​on ​generating, ​transmission ​equipment ​and ​protection, ​governor ​response, ​and ​voltage ​regulating ​equipment. ​Power ​system ​dynamics ​are ​reinforced ​by ​problem ​solving ​exercises ​in ​the ​Miniature ​Power ​System.
  • Overview of Electric Power Systems
    11/27/2017 - 11/29/2017
    Provides ​a ​basic ​overview ​of ​electricity ​and ​how ​the ​electrical ​power ​system ​works. ​The ​implications ​of ​having ​an ​inter-connected ​nation-wide ​power ​system ​are ​presented ​through ​demonstrations ​of ​key ​concepts ​in ​the ​EPTC’s ​Miniature ​Power ​System.
  • Power Plant Operations
    12/4/2017 - 12/13/2017
    Provides ​in-depth ​knowledge ​of ​power ​plant ​operations. ​Generating ​equipment ​and ​its ​protection, ​governor ​response, ​and ​voltage ​regulating ​equipment ​are ​examined. ​Concepts ​including ​power ​system ​dynamics ​are ​reinforced ​by ​problem ​solving ​exercises ​in ​the ​EPTC’s ​Miniature ​Power ​System.
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