Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) is preparing an environmental assessment (EA) to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the Pronghorn Flats Wind 115-kV Interconnection Project* in southwestern Banner and northwestern Kimball Counties, Nebraska. *Please Note: this project was originally named Banner County Wind Interconnection Project, but the name has since changed to the Pronghorn Flats Wind 115-kV Interconnection Project. Orion Wind Resources LLC (Orion) has submitted a request to interconnect their proposed project pursuant to WAPA’s Open Access Transmission Tariff. Orion’s facilities are not part of WAPA’s Federal action, but the potential indirect impacts/effects associated with their project will be presented alongside that of the Federal action as part of a comprehensive analysis in a Draft EA. It is important to note that WAPA has no approval authority over Orion’s proposed project. WAPA’s Proposed Action consists of approving the interconnection request, entering into an interconnection agreement and operating a new switchyard to facilitate and complete the requested physical interconnection.

Orion’s Pronghorn Flats Wind Interconnection Project​ is planned as part of the proposed Orion Banner County Wind Farm Complex (Complex).  The planned Complex includes two independent projects, the 115-kV Project that is the focus of this EA and a second wind project that would require a 230-kV transmission line with an independent point of interconnection. Orion has requested separate interconnection agreements with WAPA for each of these projects; WAPA would conduct NEPA review for the separate interconnection request at the appropriate time when that project is further along in design.


  • Constructing up to 43 turbines, producing between 2.5 to 4.2 megawatts (MW) each
  • Constructing/utilizing access roads (up to 38.7 miles; approximately 16.4 miles of new roads and 22.2 miles of existing roads)
  • Installing underground electric collection system (up to 35.9 miles)
  • Constructing electrical substation (6 acre site)
  • Installing 3 meteorological towers
  • Constructing approximately 20 miles of 115-kV transmission line that would connect with WAPA’s Round Top–Stegall segment of the Stegall-Archer 115-kV Transmission Line
  • Constructing an operations and maintenance facility (467 Sq. ft. on a 5 acre site)
  • Constructing a switchyard (430 sq.ft. on 4.3 acre site)


WAPA has completed its environmental surveys and has completed the preparation of the the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA).  The Draft EA summarizes the analyses that were performed and is now available for public review and input.  WAPA has opened a comment period associated with the release of the Draft EA and we look forward to hearing from you regarding the findings outlined in the Draft EA as well as your input on the potential indirect impacts/effects associated with the Pronghorn Flats Wind Interconnection Project. ​The comment period is open from April 7, 2022 through May 7, 2022.  To submit your comments on the Draft EA or on the environmental review process, please send them to the CONTACT listed in the section below through one of the three methods listed.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WAPA will not be hosting public meetings associated with the release of the Draft EA at this time.


If you have any questions regarding the proposed Pronghorn Flats Wind Interconnection Project​, please contact:

​​​Mail: Western Area Power Administration, HQ
ATTN: Steve Blazek, NEPA Document Manager
P.O. Box 281213
Lakewood, CO 80228-8213
Phone: (720) 962-7265


Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) (April 2022)​​

Letter to the Public (May 2020)

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