ED5 pvh Map V3a
The Electrical District 5 - Palo Verde Hub Project will start at the Palo Verde market hub and travel southeast across Maricopa and Pinal counties before terminating at the Electrical District 5 substation. The pre-existing 115-kilovolt WAPA line will interconnect with Southeast Valley Project's 500-kV line, on which WAPA will attach a 230-kV circuit from the Test Track substation to the point of interconnection, about seven miles south of the Casa Grande substation.
The Electrical District 5
Map of the project from a higher view and showing major highways and state roads.
Vicinity and Jurisdiction Map
This map shows the ownership of the land ED5-PVH will cross. Ninety-nine percent of land acquisition is complete.
ED5-PVH spans two identified WAPA Renewable Energy Zones (shaded with blue circles), which are considered areas with high potential for renewable generation development. The WAPA Governor's Association identified WREZ in a June 2009 study

Last modified on July 5th, 2023