WAPA uses an online process to apply for most of our jobs. You can access our job listings through USAJOBS. You can browse jobs; but before you can apply for a specific vacancy you must complete the registration process through USAJOBS home page.


The registration process asks you to submit a resume. Although you must have an on-line resume by the time a vacancy you apply for closes, you don’t have to submit it the first time you register. The resume can be copied from another source and pasted into the online system. It should be text only, as special characters (bolding, bullets, and underlining) do not translate well into this system. Your resume should be complete and describe the work experiences and/or education that qualify you for the position(s) you are applying. The only version that is kept is the one on file as of the closing date and time (midnight Eastern time) of the announcement.


Please read the vacancy announcement closely. It contains important information about the position, its pay rate and job conditions. It also contains important information about what additional forms you may need to be considered for a position. For example, if you have Federal employment status (current or former civilian federal employee) and are not currently employed by WAPA, you must submit an SF-50, notification of personnel action, that shows your career or career-conditional tenure group. Or if you are applying through a special appointing authority such as the Veterans’ Employment Opportunities Act of 1998, you must submit a DD-214. Without a resume and the required forms your application will not be considered.


In addition to your registration and resume, the third important piece of your application is your answers to the vacancy questions. Be sure to answer them honestly and to the best of your ability. These are used to help determine your qualifications for the vacant position. You also need to be sure your answers can be verified by the experience described in your resume.


WAPA is committed to following the 80-day hiring model outlined by the Office of Personnel Management. That is, our goal is to be able to make a job offer no later than 80 working days after the vacancy announcement closes.

When the announcement closes WAPA’s Human Resources staff will review applications, assure all requested documents were submitted, and determine (sometimes with the help of a subject-matter expert or panel) which applicants are “best qualified.” Those applicants are forwarded to the selecting official.

The selecting official reviews the applications referred and determines which candidates to interview. Interviews are often done by panel and can be in person or by telephone. Sometimes a second interview is held. After considering all information available, including reference checks, approvals are obtained and an offer can be made. Normally, the unsuccessful candidates are notified by the selecting official or by the HR office, either by telephone or e-mail notification.


All Federal jobs are listed on the Office of Personnel Management’s Web site, U​SAJOBS.

DOE vacancies can be accessed directly through USAJOBS.

To find vacancies at WAPA, check the DOE vacancies and select “Western Area Power Administration” on the “Agency Search” menu. Then, click the “Search for Jobs” button at the bottom of the page.

Last modified on April 29th, 2024