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Strategic Planning

​Strategic Ro​admap 2024

Western Area Power Administration published the current version of its Strategic Roadmap 2024 (pdf), titled "Powering the Energy Frontier," October 2016. The Roadmap was initially published in May 2014. "The Roadmap serves as WAPA's strategic plan and will guide the agency's actions for the next 10 years so we can continue to s​​uccessfully deliver on our mission, manage resources effectively and operate safely, securely and reliably in a changing world," said WAPA's Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel.

WAPA reviews and refreshes its strategic plan every few years to ensure the agency remains focused on meeting customers' needs, aligned with DOE goals and responsive to industry change. A strategic plan is both a living document, flexible to adapt to continuously evolving conditions, and a source of continuity that provides a long-term vision of our role with customers, in industry and within the federal government.

The Roadmap is one of four interrelated and complementary initiatives designed to pro​mote a sustainable and relevant WAPA in the new energy frontier. The other three relate to asset management, sustainable funding and human capital management and are described in WAPA's State of the Assets report.

The Roadmap identifies four Critical Pathways (pdf) WAPA wants to achieve in the next 10 years:

  • Business, Technology and Organizational Excellence: Expanding on organizational excellence by applying knowledge, technology, innovation and engaging internal and external partners to optimize operational effectiveness. ​

  • Mutually Beneficial Partnerships: Building and sustaining productive relationships that enhance trust, operational effectiveness and business opportunities for all parties.

  • Evolution of Services: Evolving WAPA's power and transmission services in response to the needs of a diverse customer base and the demands of a changing industry and technology environment through operational excellence and the application of cost containment and proper cost allocation principles.

  • Powering the Energy Frontier: Provide premier power and transmission s​ervices to our customers by applying business, technology and organizational excellence; building mutually beneficial partnerships; and enhancing the nation's economic security and stability.

WAPA will also remain committed to its mission: Market and deliver clean, renewable, reliable, cost-based federal hydroelectric power and related services.

Strategic Targets and Performance Plan

The Tactical Action Plan (pdf)​, an appendix to the Roadmap, inventories those tasks and activities, existing and new, needed to make progress towards Strategic Roadmap 2024 over the next two to three years. It connects the mission and Roadmap to day-to-day activities and helps WAPA staff focus time and resources on those things that bring the most value to the agency and our customers. Accompanying the Roadmap are five Strategic Target Areas (pdf) that serve as WAPA's priorities and areas of focus for the next two to three years. These areas include:

  • Mission-Critical Customer Services in Evolving Industry: Ensure and enhance the value of WAPA's cost-based power, transmission and related services in an evolving utility business environment.

  • Asset Management 2.0: Optimize WAPA's Asset Management program to provide data-driven insight into budgeting, capital programs, prioritization and financial decisions resulting in a more resilient and reliable system.

  • Technology Performance: Leverage industry and operational technology advances to enhance service to customers, as well as organizational and asset performance.

  • Security – Physical and Cyber: Strengthening WAPA's capabilities in physical and cybersecurity secures our assets and mitigates threats to WAPA's customers, operations and performance in the increasingly connected and evolving utility industry.

  • People and Organization: WAPA's people are its most important resource. The organization is dedicated to the evolution of its people and operations to retain, develop and attract the diverse, high- performing workforce that is the cornerstone of delivering safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective energy and transmission services.

  • Strategic Enablers: Strategic Enablers are new to the Roadmap and designed to capture those foundational areas and activities that are embedded across all Strategic Target Areas. In the original Roadmap, these were STAs, but are now considered well underway and vital to maintain even as the specific focus of the STAs changes over time. Strategic Enablers include:

    • Partnership and Innovation

    • Safety

    • Communication

FY 2017 Performance

To measure our progress toward the five Strategic Target Areas and to keep us on track with the Strategic Roadmap, WAPA put together the FY 2017 Annual Performance Plan​ (pdf). The status of WAPA's progress will be reported regularly.​​

Want a hard copy of Strategic Roadmap 2024? Email us your name and mailing address.

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