Closed Circuit

​Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel sent his quarterly memo to the Secretary of Energy outlining WAPA’s fiscal year 2019 second-quarter performance. The following is a summary of this memo. In 2019, WAPA continues its use of quantifiable performance measures and targets. This provides an opportunity for WAPA to gauge its improvement in key areas, and identify where its attention and efforts can best be focused. 

WAPA’s performance targets are designed to both align with Department of Energy strategy and drive strategic direction for the organization. They cascade through WAPA’s performance management process, translating strategy into everyday action and creating a line of sight between employee efforts and overall direction. 

Success and progress is measured in four strategic target areas, defined by Strategic Roadmap 2024 and the refreshed Tactical Action Plan. 

WAPA monitors its performance and progress in regard to each of these areas, sharing the results on a quarterly basis. Of the 24 performance measures being tracked this fiscal year, six are measured annually due to the nature of the data that supports them. 

For Q3, WAPA is reporting 13 measures as green, meaning the target has been met. Five measures are yellow, meaning they are slightly off target. The complete breakdown of key performance measures is below.​

Third quarter performance chart

Last modified on March 8th, 2024