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LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Western Area Power Administration published its Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report​ titled “Investing in a Connected Future.” 

The report’s theme acknowledges the multitude of opportunities and existential changes facing the energy industry, and by extension, WAPA and its customers. Whether they are the well-known issues of the “Electrification of Everything” movement and a changing generation mix or the societal and technological advancements reshaping the energy landscape, WAPA stands ready to adapt to and accommodate the changes in a connected energy future. 

“Together, we are standing atop our legacy and looking toward the future – a connected future – to ensure we are investing appropriately to preserve and strengthen our value to customers, our neighbors and the nation,” said Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel in his opening letter. “We are investing in a connected future by being agile, integrated, responsive, engaged and resilient. And we are making those investments while staying true to our core values and mission to keep rates as low as possible, consistent with sound business principles.” 

Over the year, WAPA employees responded to increased complexity in the energy industry, the announced dissolution of its reliability coordinator provider, heightened concerns about wildfires and vegetation management around power lines, the enduring need to continuously mature its security programs and the continued requirement to find cost-effective solutions to today’s opportunities.

In this report, WAPA shares its successes in:

  • Remaining agile to enhance its services, respond to unexpected situations and fortify the organization against threats.
  • Integrating a culture of safety and a culture of improvement to find efficiencies while ensuring everyone goes home safely each night.
  • Responding to the need to balance evolving its services while staying true to its core mission.
  • Increasing internal and external transparency, engagement and information sharing across all levels of the organization and with customers.
  • Protecting WAPA’s assets and improving grid resilience in the West.

“Supported by our customers, we are positioning WAPA to respond to and accommodate the continuously evolving and exciting future,” said Gabriel. 


About WAPA: Western Area Power Administration annually markets and transmits more than 25,000 gigawatt-hours of clean, renewable power from 57 federal hydroelectric powerplants owned and operated by the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and International Boundary and Water Commission in 15 western and central states. It is part of the Department of Energy. Follow us on Twitter @WesternAreaPowr or visit the website at www.wapa.gov.   


Last modified on September 12th, 2023