Closed Circuit

​By Travis Weger

Western Area Power Administration has published its fiscal year 2018 almanac titled Value of Asset Management.

The document’s theme captures the value, objectives and goals of the Asset Management program. It also provides information on WAPA’s assets and their performance data and trends over the past fiscal year.

“The collaborative partnership between regional maintenance crews and our department is critical for success,” said Vice President of Asset Management Chris Lyles. “Our goal is to capture valuable knowledge field crews have about their assets and turn that knowledge into quantifiable data that can be used to inform business and maintenance decisions.”

The data-driven insight on enterprise assets supports informed decision making on budget development, capital plans, financial forecasting, maintenance practice, system resilience, reliability, safety and security.

The document shares information on:

  • WAPA assets at a glance.
  • Asset performance data.
  • 10-year asset investment projection and health and risk projection.
  • Reliability-centered maintenance.
  • Data communication and validation.
  • Asset management objectives.

“Management of WAPA’s assets is crucial to the strength and security of the grid,” said Administrator and CEO Mark A. Gabriel. “Our asset management program takes us to the next level of decision making, allowing us to strategically invest in the backbone transmission system that helps power the economies of rural America.”

Last modified on March 8th, 2024