Southline transmission project

The Southline Transmission Project  is a proposed transmission line designed to collect and transmit electricity across southern New Mexico and southern Arizona. The project will consist of two segments:

A new 240-mile, 345-kilovolt double-circuit transmission line between the existing substations at Afton, New Mexico, and Apache, Arizona.

Upgrade of about 120 miles of WAPA's existing transmission lines between the Apache and Saguaro substations in Arizona from a 115-kV line to a 230-kV double-circuit line. This upgrade would provide up to 1,000 megawatts of capacity.

WAPA has two public involvement efforts underway for this project:

  1. Transmission customer involvement
  2. Environmental review process (completed)

Transmission customer involvement

WAPA is evaluating to what extent it will participate in the ownership of proposed project, and is currently seeking input from transmission customers to define if and how WAPA participates in this project.

Customer comments: Transmission customers can send questions and comments about WAPA's proposed involvement in this project to:

Environmental review process

WAPA was a joint lead agency with the Bureau of Land Management in preparing the environmental impact statement, or EIS, for the project, which started in April 2012. Based on the Final EIS released in November 2015, both agencies issue separate Records of Decision, or RODs for short. On April 5, 2016, WAPA issued its ROD​ (pdf). 

All other environmental review project documents, about the EIS are available through BLM's Southline Transmission Project web page.

Project-related sites:

For more information about the project and the EIS, visit:

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