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Project development assistance

​TIP provides project development technical assistance to developers and other interested parties who have a proposal to construct new or upgrade existing electric power transmission lines and related facilities. Leveraging Western’s transmission development expertise, TIP works with successful Project Applicants to qualify projects for financing through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Loan Programs Office.

Project criteria

To be eligible, prospective projects must meet, at minimum, the following criteria:

  • Deliver or facilitate the delivery of renewable energy resources
  • Have at least one terminus (geographical point) in Western’s service territory
  • Demonstrate a reasonable expectation of repayment
  • Not adversely impact system reliability or operations
  • Serve the public interest

For additional program details, read  the program excerpt from the Federal Register Notice.

Application screening process

TIP will screen applications near the beginning of each fiscal quarter (approximately January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1) to determine whether proposed projects qualify for the program. The Project Applicant will receive written notification of the decision within 30 days.

Application payment

A Project Applicant must make an advance payment to cover the costs associated with application screening and evaulation.  Learn more about the application payment and how to apply.

apply for assistance 

Project development

The majority of eligible projects will require some project development (e.g., for a transmission line - environmental, permitting, establishment of WECC path rating, and technical design work) before a loan can be issued using Western’s Borrowing Authority.  The project development phase consists of the origination and development work for a potential project. 

This phase is divided into three parts:

  • Project introduction – The initial intake and evaluation of a Project Proposal
  • Project initiation – The development of a substantial Business Plan Proposal and initiation of due diligence for each project that advances beyond a Project Proposal
  • Project development – The review of the proposed baseline project plan and budget as well as the development of major milestones for each project that advances beyond the Business Plan Proposal stage.

Project financing

TIP projects that successfully complete the project development phase may advance to the finance phase.  The Department of Energy Loan Programs Office will perform project underwriting and loan monitoring and administration functions.

For additional program details, read  the program excerpt from the Federal Register Notice.

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