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Sterling Solar 1 Interconnection Project, DOE/EA-2124

about the project

​​Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) proposes to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) to evaluate the environmental effects of the Sterling Solar 1 Photovoltaic Interconnection Project in which Sterling Solar, LLC, has submitted an interconnection request ​​​​to interconnect their proposed Sterling Solar 1 Photovoltaic Interconnection Project to WAPA’s existing Black Mesa-Topock and North Havasu-Topock 230-kilovolt (kV) electrical transmission system in Mohave County, Arizona.  The proposed Sterling Solar 1 Photovoltaic Interconnection Project would involve the construction of a 225-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar energy facility and a battery storage facilities​ component to be located on a 2,077-acre parcel of private land.  Sterling Solar 1, LLC’s facilities are not part of WAPA’s Federal action, but their potential indirect impacts/effects will be presented alongside that of the Federal action as part of a comprehensive analysis in a Draft Environmental Assessment.​​

​Project features

​Sterling Solar, LLC plans to build, operate, and maintain up to a 225-MW photovoltaic solar energy generation and battery storage facilities.  Construction of the facility includes the following components:

  • ​Installing solar panels up to 2,077 acres of land;
  • Installing underground collection lines from each panel to a collection point switchyard;
  • Creating access roads within the facility for construction and maintenance;
  • Constructing an on-site collection point switchyard covering 20 acres; and
  • Installing and maintaining an onsite interconnection facility to the Topock-Black Mesa and Topock- North Havasu 230-kV transmission lines.

current status​

WAPA concluded the project scoping process which ended on September 30, 2019.  Project scoping is a process used to inform the public of a proposed activity, which in this case involves WAPA evaluating Sterling Solar 1, LLC's request for interconnetion to WAPA transmission lines that are located near the project area.  WAPA received a lot of good comments and insight to help guide us on our environmental review process.  The next step in our environmental review is the preparation of an Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) document which will outline the specifics of the project and it's potential to impact resources located in and near the project area.  ​When the ​Draft EA is available, interested parties will be receiving another letter from WAPA with instructions on how you can review and comment on the Draft EA and participate in public meetings that will occur near the project vicinity when the Draft EA is out.  


​If you have any questions regarding the proposed Sterling Solar 1 Photovoltaic Interconnection Project, please contact:

Mail: Western Area Power Administration, HQ
ATTN: Andrew M. Montaño, NEPA Document Manager
P.O. Box 281213
Lakewood, CO 80228-8213
Phone: (720) 962-7253

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