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Upper Great Plains customer list

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Aberdeen, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Ada, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Adrian, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Agralite Electric CooperativeCooperativesMNUGPPS
Akron, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Alexandria, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Alliant Energy Services, Inc.Investor-owned UtilitiesWIUGPPS
Alta, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Alton, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
American Electric Power Service CorporationPower MarketersOHUGPPS
Anita, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Ansley, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Anthon, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Arlington, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Arnold, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Atlantic, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Auburn , City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Auburn, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Aurelia, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Aurora, Town ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Badger, Town ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Barnesville, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Basin Electric Power CooperativeCooperativesNDUGP/RM/CRSPPS/LAP/SLIP
Beatrice State Development CenterState AgenciesNEUGPPS
Beatrice, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Beaver City, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Belcourt & Ft. Totten-BIANative American TribesNDUGPPS
Benson, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Beresford, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Big Horn County Electric CooperativeCooperativesMTUGPPS
Big Stone City, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Black Hills Power and LightInvestor-owned UtilitiesSDUGP/RM/CRSPPS/LAP/SLIP
Black Hills State UniversityState AgenciesSDUGPPS
Blue Hill, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Board of Public UtilitiesMunicipalitiesKSUGPPS
Bonneville Power AdministrationFederal AgenciesWAUGPPS
Breckenridge, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Breda, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Broken Bow, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Brookings, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Brown County Rural ElectricCooperativesMNUGPPS
Bryant, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Burke, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Burwell, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Callaway, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Cambridge, City ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Capital Electric CooperativeCooperativesNDUGPPS
Cavalier, City ofMunicipalitiesNDUGPPS
Central Iowa Power CooperativeCooperativesIAUGPPS
Central Montana Electric Power CooperativeCooperativesMTUGPPS
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