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Rates and Repayment services

​Sierra Nevada Region

​​​RATE CASE 2021: Rate Order No. WAPA-194

CVP, COTP, PACI and Third Party Transmission

Washoe Project, Stampede Division

Restoration Fund


Central Valley Project (CVP)
California-Oregon Transmission Project (COTP)
Pacific Alternating-Current Intertie (PACI) and Third Party Transmission​​​

​​Rate Notifications​


​​​​​​​​​​Rate Schedules​​



​​Ancillary Services

Rate Actions: CVP, COTP and PACI 

WAPA Rate Order No. 185

WAPA Rate Order No. 173

WAPA Rate Order No. 156

Washoe Project, Stampede Division​​

​​​​Rate Schedule


  • SNF-7​ (PDF 11 KB)​

Rate Actions: Washoe Project, Stampede Division

Restoration Fund

FY 2021 Restoration Fund

FY 2020 Restoration Fund


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