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Environmental review—NEPA

Sierra Nevada region

Major initiatives are the large projects that SN is currently involved in. As new projects are added, and existing ones completed, you will find current information and updates in this area.

Environmental impact statement—EIS

Colusa-Sutter (CoSu) transmission line project

San Luis transmission project

Sacramento area voltage support

Trinity PUD interconnection projects

Alternative intake project transmission line and interconnection

Delta-Mendota Canal/California aqueduct intertie (PDF - 17MB)

Sutter power project

Environmental assessment—EA

Beale-WAPA Interconnection Project (BWIP)

San Joaquin Valley right-of-way maintenance project

North area right-of-way maintenance project

Sacramento Valley right-of-way maintenance project

Categorical exclusions—CX 


Path 15 Access Road Repairs​ (PDF 210 KB)

Sierra Nevada Exploration of Energy Imbalance Market​ (PDF 1 MB)

Keswick Substation New Access Road Project (PDF 67 KB)

Off-ROW hazard treee removal: Folsom-Nimbus (PDF 2 MB)

Streaming HD Video, Orthophotography, Still Photography, and LiDAR Project (PDF 76 KB)

Access road erosion repair along the Path 15 500-kV transmission line (PDF 717 MB)

Pleasant Valley Substation Pole Replacement and Switch Installation Project (PDF 4 MB)


Malin-Round Mountain off right-of-way tree removal (PDF 2 MB)

Osprey nest platform installation at New Melones Lake (PDF 744 KB)

Spring Creek-Keswick Fiber Optic Cable install (PDF 625 KB)

Keswick Substation video monitoring install (PDF 565 KB)

Livermore Substation Sanitary Facility upgrades CX​ (PDF 2 MB)

Carr Substation Security Upgrades Project CX​ (PDF 2MB)

Hazard Tree Removal: Round Mountain-Cottonwood and Keswick-Olinda Transmission Lines (PDF 388 KB)


Folsom Lake Dam Substation Security Upgrades Project  (PDF 3 MB)

Path 15 2017 Access Road Erosion Repair CX (PDF 3 MB)

New Melones Substation Security Upgrades (Card Reader) Project (PDF 602 KB)

Westlands Pump Installation Project CX (PDF 937 KB) 


Trinity-Weaverville Off-ROW Tree Removal

Grapevine Pass Access Road Project CX  (PDF 16 KB)

Trinity-Weaverville Off-ROW Tree Removal  (PDF 2.90 MB)

DOE Environmental Review for Long-Term Power Purchase (2018-2022) CX  (PDF 2 MB)

Natomas Community Gardens Access Road CX  (PDF 4 MB)

Western Sierra Nevada Power Marketing Program 2025 (PDF 767 KB)

Grapevine Pass Communications Project (PDF 2 MB)

Keswick-Airport Towers 3/2 and 3/3 Access Roads (PDF 3 MB)

2016 Access Road Erosion Repair Along the Path 500 kV T-Line (PDF 2 MB)


Contra Costa soil testing and equipment upgrades CX (PDF 5 MB)

Bear Spring Microwave Site Firebreak Clearing (PDF 4 MB)

Elverta Washrack, Paving, and Drainage Repair Categorical Exclusion (PDF  4 MB)

Malin-Round Mountain Emergency Off-ROW Tree Removal (PDF 4 MB)


2014 access road erosion repair along the path 15 500 kV transmission line (PDF 6 MB)

COTP river crossing tower painting project CX (PDF 4 MB)


Cottonwood-Roseville OPGW project CX (PDF 6787 KB)


Path 15 access road maintenance-2012 (PDF 3.2 MB)


Off ROW hazard trees-Trinity-Weaverville 60kV (PDF 725K B)

Maxwell-O'Banion OPGW (PDF 3.3 MB)

EMF remodel (PDF 2.37 MB)

Red Bluff pumping plant 60 kV interconnection project (PDF  585 KB)

Roseville Elverta (RSC-ELV) OPGW replacement project (Word 63 KB)


Eastshore Trail construction CX (PDF 1.15 MB)

Laurel and Rose CX (PDF 453 KB)

Rock Slough pole replacement (PDF 2.17 MG)

Vegetation management-CX100501 (PDF 200 KB)

Vegetation management-CX100502 (PDF 186 KB)

Culvert cleanout-CX100503 (PDF 156 KB)

Tracy double breaker double bus project (PDF 266 KB)

Trinity line cat building-CX101101 (PDF 266 KB)

Off ROW hazard trees-phase 1 (PDF 242 KB)​

CVP COTP ACI path 15 rate CX (PDF 242 KB)

More information

For additional information on any of the projects listed above please contact:

  • Sierra Nevada NEPA Environmental Protection Specialist Don Lash

  • Sierra Nevada Environmental Manager  Jerry Robbins


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