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SN Energy Imbalance Market activities

​Sierra Nevada is evaluating whether to join the California Independent System Operator Western Energy Imbalance Market to increase the value of the Central Valley Project and improve operational flexibility. 

Exploring membership in the CAISO’s Western EIM will allow SN to keep pace with industry changes and determine how the EIM will affect SN’s ability to accomplish its mission in a more effective and beneficial way for customers.

Between June 4 and Aug. 14, SN will complete a gap analysis under the Balancing Area of Northern California’s Phase II EIM initiative and host four customer meetings to discuss key issues. SN will decide whether to join CAISO’s Western EIM by Aug. 16.

Timeline of customer meetings


SN operates as a sub-Balancing Authority within BANC's balancing authority area. BANC and its members have been evaluating CAISO’s Western EIM since 2016, and adopted a “phased approach” that allowed each member to independently evaluate joining the EIM over the next several years. 

As part of Phase I, SMUD decided to participate in CAISO’s Western EIM in October 2016 and became a member in spring 2019.

Phase II includes SN and several BANC members.
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