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Estes-Flatiron Transmission Line rebuild project

​WAPA is combining two 16-mile transmission lines to one 16-mile transmission line between the Town of Estes Park and Flatiron Reservoir. Once constructed, the new steel-pole transmission line will carry both existing 115-kilovolt lines currently strung on separate wood H-frame structures. The wood structures will be removed after construction of the new steel-pole transmission line.

This rebuild project will:
  • ​Reduce potential for customer service disruption by improving reliable electric delivery​ to the Town of Estes Park
  • Install a more resilient steel transmission line and remove aged and deteriorating wood structures
  • Halve the transmission corridors and the associated environmental footprint
  • Ensure that the transmission line rights of way comply with applicable codes and requirements
  • Mitigate wildfire hazards to transmission structures
  • Improve maintenance access for routine work and emergencies​

Construction plan

Construction will begin in summer 2022 and is expected to conclude in fall 2023. The rebuild project has been divided into four segments. Three segments will take about six months each ​to complete. The fourth segment is expected to take less than a week. WAPA will notify Platte River Power Authority and residents before beginning construction on each segment. Once the rebuild is complete, WAPA will remove the remaining wood transmission structures.

The Town of Estes Park is not expected to experience any power outages during construction. Two sources of power will serve the Town of Estes Park at all times except for two 12-hour windows where there will be a single source of power. 

​​Estes-Flatiron construction map with segments
Project map. ​​The​ rebuild is divided into four segments. From right to left, Segment 1 is purple, Segment 2 is orange,​ Segment 3 is green and Segment 4 is red. Each segment will be constructed individually. After construction, the original transmission lines, represented by black lines, will be removed. 

​Project updates

Other project information

​​​WAPA worked with the Town of Estes Park and National Forest Service to complete an Environmental Impact Statement that analyzed a number of route and project alternatives. To learn more about that public process, visit the Estes-Flatiron Project Environmental Review webpage​


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