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2011 Categorical Exclusions

2010-004 RockRiverFiberOptic Albany County, WY 060911
2010-004_Rock River Microwave Fiber Optic Installation, Albany County, WY (6-17-11)
2011-004_Bucknam Temporary Tap, Natrona County, WY (12-15-11)
2011-008_Curecanti-Blue Mesa 115kV TL Road Maintenance and Structure Replacement, Gunnison County, CO (7-28-11)
2011-009_Lovell-Thermopolis Access Road Repair, Str 57-6 to 84-2 and Replacement of Str 61-7, Big Horn County, WY (9-8-11)
2011-010_North Gunnison-Salida 115-kV Transmission Line Jumper Cable Replacements, Gunnison County, CO (6-14-11)
2011-011_Upper Molina-Lower Molina 115-kV Road Maintenance and Structure Replacement, Mesa County, CO (7-19-11)
2011-012_Allliance Substation Communication Building Installation, Box Butte County, NE (8-28-11)
2011-013_Tree Cutting Cheyenne Field Office Maintenance Area, Spring 2011 (4-07-11)
2011-014_CCI-MP Transmission Line Access road Maintenance, Montrose County, CO (7-6-11)
2011-015_Power Marketing and Operations Center - System Upgrades, Larimer County, CO (8-18-11)
2011-017_Badwater Substation Equipment and Containment Pond Upgrade, Fremont County, WY (9-27-11)
2011-018_Curecanti Substation Containment Wall, Montrose County, CO (5-19-11)
2011-019_Casper Service Center Floor Drain (2-2811)
2011-020_Craig - Bears Ears - Hayden Substation Fiber Optic and Pole Installation, Moffat and Routt Counties, CO (5-17-11)
2011-021_Transformer Replacement and Foundation Work at Flaming Gorge Substation, Daggett County, Utah (10-5-11)
2011-022_Gore Pass Substation Pole Replacement, Grand County, CO (7-1-11)
2011-023_Modifications to Hayden Substation, Routt County, CO (6-14-11)
2011-024_Lusk Substation Transformer Replacement, Lusk, Niobrara County, WY (1-24-11)
2011-026 Weld Substation Transformer Placement, Greeley, Weld County, CO (1-7-11)
2011-027_Willow Creek Substation - Transformer Replacement and Substation Modifications, Grand County, CO (7-26-11)
2011-030 and 2011-031_Archer-Ault230-kVandCheyennetoOwlCreek115-kVTransmissionLineStructureReplacements, 060211
2011-032 and 2011-033 Airport-Boyd and Airport-Whitney 115-kV Structure Replacement Larimer and Weld, CO (6-111)
2011-034_Boyd-Valley Transmission Line OPGW Fiber Optic Installation, Larimer County, Colorado (5-18-11)
2011-035_Caspar-Arminto Vegetation Management Maintenance, Natrona County, WY (3-29-11)
2011-036_CCW-Mid Transmission Line Access Road Maintenance, Freemont County, CO (3-24-11)
2011-037 and 0211-038_Erie to Terry Street and Lyons to Longmont Northwest 11tkV Transmission Linse Structure Replacements
2011-039_Gore Pass - Muddy Pass Single Pole and Multiple Cross Arm Replacements, Grand County, CO (9-16-11)
2011-040_Sagebrush Clearing at Transmission Line Structures Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties, CO (9-20-11)
2011-041 KayentaShiprock230kV NestRemovalSanJuanCountyNMApacheNavajoCountiesAZ(10-25-11)
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