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Desert Southwest's customer list

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Aberdeen, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Acoma PuebloNative American TribesNMCRSPSLIP
Ada, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Adrian, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Agralite Electric CooperativeCooperativesMNUGPPS
Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla IndiansNative American TribesCADSWPD
Aguila Irrigation DistrictIrrigation DistrictsAZDSWCAP
AK-Chin Indian CommunityNative American TribesAZCRSPSLIP
Akron, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Alamo Navajo ChapterNative American TribesNMCRSPSLIP
Albuquerque Operation-DOEFederal AgenciesNMCRSPSLIP
Alexandria, City ofMunicipalitiesMNUGPPS
Alliant Energy Services, Inc.Investor-owned UtilitiesWIUGPPS
Alta, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Alton, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
American Electric Power Service CorporationPower MarketersOHUGPPS
Anaheim, City ofMunicipalitiesCADSWBC
Anita, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Ansley, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Anthon, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Arapahoe and Roosevelt National ForestsFederal AgenciesCORMLAP
Arizona Electric Power CooperativeCooperativesAZCRSP/DSWSLIP/PD
Arizona Power AuthorityState AgenciesAZDSWBC
Arizona Public Service CompanyInvestor-owned UtilitiesAZDSWCAP
Arkansas River Power AuthorityMunicipalitiesCORM/CRSPLAP/SLIP
Arlington, City ofMunicipalitiesSDUGPPS
Arnold, Village ofMunicipalitiesNEUGPPS
Aspen, City ofMunicipalitiesCOCRSPSLIP
Atlantic, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
Auburn, City ofMunicipalitiesIAUGPPS
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