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Crossman Peak Communications Facility Project DOE/EA-2023

​Project description:

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) proposes to construct and operate a new communications facility located adjacent to an existing privately owned one situated near Crossman Peak, east of Lake Havasu City, Mohave County, Arizona. The facility would be composed of a prefabricated equipment shelter, a backup generator, a propone tank, and a 100-foot-tall, self-supporting tower with attached microwave dishes. WAPA would improve an existing dirt access road for safety. WAPA would also work with Unisource Energy Services, a local utility, to supply electrical power via a newly constructed distribution line. The access road and distribution line cross lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. WAPA needs a new communication facility, because our existing microwave path will be blocked by terrain in this area when we change frequencies as part of the President's goal of making more spectrum available for licensed commercial use. WAPA operates a redundant communication network to maintain the safety and reliability of the bulk electric system.​

Project location:

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News and updates:  

October 2019:  WAPA is currently exploring an alternate route for the proposed distribution line.    

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