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WAPA-189 rate order- Provo River Project

 Updates on the Federal Register Notice (FRN)


NEXT STEP: WAPA-189 FINAL FRN - February 2020


  • The existing Provo River Power rate formula expires on March 30, 2020, under WAPA-165.

  • On or about the end of July 2019, we expect to have the Proposal notice published* to the Federal Register

  • A 30 day comment period to follow immediately upon publication of the Proposal FRN

  • On or about the end of February 2020, we expect to have the Final FRN published*

  • New Power Formula Rate effective from March 31, 2020 through March 30, 2025

    *Along with posting to the Federal Register and to this site, copy of the published FRN will be mailed to the existing Provo River Project customers.

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