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Public Comment Period Closed - May 31, 2016

Federal Register Notice - March. 28, 2016

Public comment period extension (extended to May 31, 2016): 

​Federal Register Notice- Dec. 16, 2015

Salt Lake City Area Integrated Projects and CRSP 2025 General Power Marketing Criteria:

FRN CLARIFICATION: During the Public Information Forum on January 14, 2016, it was noted that clarification was needed in regards to the order of priority consideration WAPA would give in determining allocations. In part 8. under the Proposed 2025 General  Power Marketing Criteria section of the Proposed 2025 SLCA/IP Marketing Plan, published December 16, 2015, the FRN States:

In determining allocations, Western will give priority consideration in the following order to entities satisfying these marketing criteria:

  • Federally recognized Native American tribes.

  • Municipal corporations and political subdivisions including irrigation or other districts, municipalities, and other governmental organizations that have utility status by October 1, 2023. "Electric utility status" means that the entity has responsibility to meet load growth, has a distribution system, and is ready, willing, and able to purchase Federal power from WAPA on a wholesale basis.

  • Electric cooperatives and public utilities, other than electric utilities, that are recognized as utilities by their applicable legal  authorities, are nonprofit in nature, have electrical facilities, and are independently governed and financed.

  • Other eligible applicants.

PLEASE NOTE there is no difference in priority for the organizations listed under B. and C. All of the organizations in B. and C. will be  given the same priority consideration.  Priority consideration will be given in the following order: 1.) Federally recognized Native American tribes, 2.) The organizations listed in B. and C. (in no particular order), and 3.) Other eligible  applicants. 

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