​Customers who are required by state, federal or tribal law to invest a portion of their resources in demand-side management (DSM) initiatives, including energy efficiency and load management, and/or renewable energy activities may provide a copy of that report in lieu of an IRP.  This investment is also referred to as a public benefits charge.

End-use customers, member based associations and cooperatives may submit a request to prepare an Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy (EE/RE) report instead of an IRP.

  • The request must include data on the source of the EE/RE reporting requirement (number, title, date and jurisdiction of law or regulation). (905.17(a) (1)).
  • The request must include data on the initial, annual, and other reporting requirements of the report (905.17(a) (2)).
  • The request must include a summary outline of the EE/RE report’s required data or components, including any requirements for documenting customer energy efficiency and renewable energy activities (905.17(a) (3)).


  1. Every year on the anniversary of WAPA’s approval of the first EE/RE report, customers choosing this option must submit an annual EE/RE letter to WAPA containing summary information identifying customer annual energy and capacity savings associated with energy efficiency, if any (905.17(g)).
  2. The letter must contain annual energy and capacity associated with renewable energy, if any (905.17(g)).
  3. The letter must verify that the customer remains in compliance with the EE/RE reporting requirement (905.17(g)).
  4. The letter must include a revised description of customer DSM and/or renewable energy activities if the description from the EE/RE report has changed or expired (905.17(g)).


Note: Requirements cited in the checklist are linked to corresponding sections of the Energy Planning and Management Program. If the links don’t work properly, please hit your refresh button and try again.

  1. Does the EE/RE report include the name, address, phone number, email and Web site if applicable, and contact person (905.17(d) (1))?
  2. Does the EE/RE report specify the authority or requirement to complete the EE/RE report, including the source of the requirement (number, title, date and jurisdiction of law) (905.17(d) (2))?
  3. Does the EE/RE report include a description of the customer’s required energy efficiency and/or renewable energy activities (905.17(d) (3))?
  4. Does the EE/RE report include the level of investment or expenditure on energy efficiency and/or renewable energy, and quantifiable energy savings or use goals, if defined by the EE/RE reporting requirement (905.17(d) (3) (i))?

Last modified on August 16th, 2023