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Martin Wallette: electrician by trade, fisherman by sport

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Name: Martin Wallette, federal employee

Title: Foreman II Electrician

Location: Miles City, Montana

Region: Upper Great Plains

​When did you start working with WAPA? I started working at WAPA on Nov. 17, 1980.

​What is the most interesting thing you have worked on at WAPA? The most interesting thing I've worked on is the tie between the Miles City converter and the Crossover phase shifting transformer.

​What do you wish people understood about your job and the work you do? We are away from our families a lot and people that don't even know we exist count on us to keep the power on.

​Tell us something about yourself we wouldn't find on your resume. I grew up on the banks of the Missouri River. Fishing is the most relaxing and serene sport that can have bursts of excitement thrown in. I want to do more of it.

​How is what you do tied to WAPA's mission? Our equipment that we install and maintain is used to provide the most affordable and reliable power to the cooperatives and agencies that serve the distribution system.

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