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Karen Harrison: making jobs easier

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Karen Harrison2.jpgName: Karen Harrison, contract employee

Title: Secretary II

Contract: SysComm / Colorado Network Staffing

Location: Casper, Wyoming

Region: Rocky Mountain

When did you start working with WAPA? I started working with WAPA in October 2008.

What is the most interesting thing you have worked on at WAPA? As the administrative support provider for the RM Craft Training Committee, I have learned so much about how the training programs work and benefit both WAPA and the trainees. It has also given me the opportunity to meet many more of WAPA's great people.


What do you wish people understood about your job and the work you do? That all employees are part of the team, and that contractors are committed and care about their impact within WAPA as much as other employees.


Tell us something about yourself we wouldn't find on your resume. I'm a licensed ham radio operator, call sign KC7ZBZ. I love the opportunities radio offers. My family consists of licensed operators, and my husband and my son are both Volunteer Examiner Coordinators. My young grandkids are even starting to learn about ham radio.


How is what you do tied to WAPA's mission? The way I see it, it's my job to make it easier for the WAPA crews to do their jobs. They can remain confident that their paperwork is processed and submitted quickly and efficiently, so they can focus on their mission first and foremost.

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