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Brian Sadler: active and administrative

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Brian Sadler (2).jpgName: Brian Sadler, federal employee

Title: Administrative Officer

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Region: Colorado River Storage Project Management Center

When did you start working with WAPA? I started officially on Dec. 28, 2014, but started in the office the following Monday, Jan. 5.

What is the most interesting thing you have worked on at WAPA? I have worked for other agencies in my previous 19 years with the federal government: the Air Force, Peace Corps, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather service. My work at WAPA is every bit as interesting as my earlier federal work. I enjoy learning, and the areas that are newest to me in this job are being involved in Asset Management, learning our power systems and being involved in our dynamic environmental program at CRSP MC.

What do you wish people understood about your job and the work you do? My work is very diverse, requiring me to change focus on completely different tasks throughout the day. I serve as CRSP MC's administrative officer, but also supervise our financial manager and oversee our Environmental program. 

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn't find on your resume. I love being active and enjoy many sports and outdoor activities. Though a master of none, I play many sports regularly, including tennis, basketball, pickleball, golf, racquetball and volleyball. Pickleball is my newest sport, and I am loving the competitive nature combined with an open social aspect.

How is what you do tied to WAPA's mission? I work in all areas of administrative and financial support, along with Asset Management and Environmental. All of these programs are critical in marketing and delivering clean, renewable, reliable, cost-based federal hydroelectric power.

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